Zanzarah The Hidden Portal Steam Edition-HI2U

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A new release from HI2U . Enjoy

Poster for Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Release Date: Dec 18, 2002
Platform: PC
Gameplay Modes: Single-player
Developer: Funatics Development GmbH
Ratings: MetaCritic: n/a/10

Zanzarah The Hidden Portal Steam Edition-HI2U
1 Disc | 950MB | Zanzarah.The.Hidden.Portal.Steam.Edition-HI2U
Protection: Steam

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Description: After years of waiting, this legendary classic and beloved fan favorite finally comes to Steam!
The game has been optimized to run on steam and modern operation systems up to Windows 8. The gameplay and core experience of the classic Zanzarah was left untouched.
***Incompatibility with notebooks (FPS drops in the menu): Set your screen resolution to a modus with 32 bit color depth***

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Zanzarah – The Hidden Portal is an amazingly enjoyable adventure game brought to life by a vividly visualized and elaborately produced world. The story revolves around a young girl named Amy who escapes to the magical world of Zanzarah. There she is charged with merging the fairytale kingdom with the real world, saving it from destruction. Help her to use magical powers and items to collect and train fairies and demons. Use your creatures in fast-paced battles to defeat the evil that defiles Zanzarah.

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  • Rich and fantastical game world
  • Collect, train and organize fairies and demons for magic duels
  • 77 different fairies and demons, 12 different elements
  • Action-based combat system
  • Includes the fantastical original soundtrack

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System Requirements:
OS: Windows® 98,Windows® 2000,Windows® XP,Windows® VISTA,Windows® 7, Windows® 8
Processor: Athlon or Pentium® 2 Processor with 500 Mhz
Memory: 64 MB RAM MB RAM
Graphics: 3D- Graphics card, 8MB (GeForce, Voodoo 5500)
DirectX: Version 8.1
Hard Drive: 1400 MB available space
Additional Notes: Please make sure you are using the latest graphics card driver (especially for NVIDIA cards). You can always find the latest drivers directly at the manufacturers’ website. Please do not rely on automatic Windows updates. – Symptom of NVIDIA cards: broken polygon display after starting the first scene. Solution: 1. Open NVIDIA control panel 2. Go to “Manage 3D settings” -> “Program Settings”, there, select “Zantph.exe” 3. Set the “Maximum count of pre-rendered single frames” to 1 and… 4. “Apply”. The grapic-errors should now be fixed. -Incompatibility with notebooks (FPS drops in the menu): Set your screen resolution to a modus with 32 bit color depth

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