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Exciting news for the console scene. Starting this month the Wii U scene is alive due to release of the first loader. At this time 57 games are supported after just two weeks after the loader’s release, so this is indeed an exciting time for Wii U owners. Keep in mind that at this time, there is a single firmware version that is supported: 3.5.2. Various groups have been releasing games in the past two years and only by now they start to make sense, so we will try to bring information about the most important ones. Have fun. Enjoy!

Poster for Yoshi's Woolly World

Genre: Adventure, Platform
Release Date: Jun 26, 2015
Platform: Nintendo Wii U
Gameplay Modes: Single-Player, Offline Co-Op
Developer: Good-Feel
Ratings: MetaCritic: n/a

1 BluRay | 23 GB | v-yww
Required FW: 3.5.2
Region: EUR

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Description: Take Yoshi on an adventure to remember in Yoshi Land for Nintendo Wii U. Enjoy dual-screen control thanks to the Wii U Touchscreen GamePad, while you’ll also be able to experience full integration with Nintendo’s MiiVerse service.

Yoshi's Woolly World image 1

Set off with a friend through a wild, woolly world in this grand Yoshi adventure!

A treasure trove of clever handicraft stages are ready for you to explore. Unravel their secrets and color your world with a spectrum of yarn balls to knit new paths and get every last collectible.

Yoshi's Woolly World image 2


  • Toss yarn balls to knit together background elements or tie-up enemies
  • Unravel puzzles and walls to discover hidden areas and collectables
  • Explore each crafty stage to discover new surprises—there’s no time limit
  • Discover and explore new areas in 2-player cooperative multiplayer* (additional accessories required for multiplayer mode; sold separately)
  • Mellow Mode gives Yoshi wings so everyone can enjoy

Yoshi's Woolly World image 3

Knitting yarn, patchwork, and other handicraft materials combine into a whimsical and crafty backdrop for our knit Yoshi to explore. Instead of eggs, this time Yoshi tosses yarn balls that he can use to clear blocked paths, tangle-up enemies, or even knit together platforms and warp pipes.

Yoshi can also tug at stray yarn to unravel walls and reveal hard-to-reach areas filled with hidden collectibles. Tackle challenges in local 2-Player co-op by partnering up with a friend*.

Gobble ’em up and spit ’em out to reach new heights or take out craftwork creepers like paratroopas, piranha plants and shy guys! It’s time to get crafty.

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