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The sequel to Valkyria Chronicles moves on the PSP console, making it an exclusive for this one. Thanks to group ZERO we have the PAL version of the game and if you own a NTSC device you should check the release from BAHAMUT (Valkyria.Chronicles.2.USA.PSP-BAHAMUT).

Genre: Action & Tactical Role-Playing Game
Release Date: August 30rd, 2010
Platforms: PSP Exclusive
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
Ratings: Game Informer: 8.5/10 | RPGFan: 88/100

800.4 MB | 0-vk2

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The story of Valkyria Chronicles 2 takes place two years after the conclusion of the original game. A group of young Gallian Military Academy cadets find themselves plunged into a bitter civil war when the newly formed Gallian Revolutionary Army stages a coup. As the epic drama unfolds in the game, players will experience stories of friendship, love and growing pains during a time of war and revolution.

Valkyria Chronicles™, the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system’s most acclaimed tactical RPG, returns exclusively to the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system with the highly anticipated sequel Valkyria Chronicles II. Now you can experience the immersing mix of distinctive visuals and addictive gameplay of Valkyria Chronicles™ on the go with your PSP system.

The “CANVAS” engine originally developed by SEGA Game Studios Japan for Valkyria Chronicles™ on the PlayStation®3 is being fully redesigned for the PSP system. This incredibly distinctive engine will power over 20 new distinct and visually stunning environments where you will have hundreds of different missions to explore. The “BLiTZ” battle system has also been re-designed to offer players the freedom to strategically move around the environment and attack enemies using real-time controls, something never before seen in the tactical role-playing game genre.


  • All-new ad hoc wireless 2-4 player multiplayer modes include: a co-op mode enabling battles for up to four friends and versus mode for fun challenges for friends on-the-go
  • Revamped, turn-based Blitz battle system allows you to control units from an overhead view and then zoom in to control each individual character in battle from a third-person perspective
  • Customize your weapons, tanks and characters with over three times the options as before
  • Prep 30 new military units extend your options on the battlefield
  • Explore through 200+ missions tailor-made for play on the PSP

Many gameplay concepts in Valkyria Chronicles II are carried over from the original. The BLiTZ system is used during combat scenarios, splitting the action between an overhead Command Mode and third-person Action Mode. By selecting allied units during Command Mode, using Command Points in the process, said units can move and perform actions until their Action Points run out. When the player has exhausted their available Command Points, or volunteers to pass control without using all of them, the Player Phase ends and the Enemy Phase begins. This progresses back and forth until the battle’s victory conditions are achieved or the player is defeated.

Valkyria Chronicles II uses a system of multiple area maps connected by enemy encampments.When an enemy camp is captured by the player’s forces, subsequent areas are made available, using the camp as a way-point to call in reinforcements and proceed.

Also similar to the original, the characters available for use by the player each occupy a specific class. New to Valkyria Chronicles II are new class types and the ability of units to change their class based on a branching tree of upgrades. All five original classes from Valkyria Chronicles reappear, some with slight modification. Scouts, Shocktroopers, Engineers, and anti-tank Lancers act as the base units that lead to more powerful and specialized promotions. Snipers, rather than act as a starting class, are a part of the Scout’s upgrade potential. The final base class is brand new to the series.

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