TutsPlus Character Design-RWD

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OK, after recovery let’s have some study. Scene group ‘RWD’ just released Character Design, very useful for the peoples interested in GFX.

OS: Windows and Mac
Developer: Tut Plus

2.37 GB | rwd-chard
Protection: None

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Quick, name a character! Memorable characters are part of our culture–from the Simpsons to Mickey Mouse, creating a unique and likeable personality is a powerful way to make your work memorable. But creating good characters isn’t easy! In this information-packed 13 lesson course, Ian Yates walks you through the basics of designing a memorable character illustration and the important steps of a character project.


• Purpose for characters and brainstorming concepts
• Sketching and getting started
• Considering props and other features
• Avoiding easy pitfalls and problems in character design
• Translating your character to digital artwork in Illustrator
• Polishing and bringing your character to life
• And more!

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