The Fear Chamber FS DVDRip XviD-ARiSCO

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Heres another low budget horror from “ARiSCO”Looking at the sample i might give it a try if im in the mood for a scare,No reviews on IMDB but video quality is high for a 1 cd rip.(resolution is a bit funny but you should be able to change it using vlc)

Plot:A brilliant geologist sends a team to search the depths of the earth in an effort to learn the origin of some strange signals they’ve been picking up on their equipment. They discover a rock formation with an interior life that can communicate telepathically. They bring the mass to the surface and determine that the entity is “pure crystallized intelligence,” and they believe many of the secrets of existence can be answered by studying the stone. However, the only message the mysterious rock is forthcoming with is what kind of food it needs, namely a particular chemical that can only be produced by the bodies of people in the throes of terror.

1CD, 699 MB (733.177.856 bytes), arisco-tfc
Xvid, 982 Kbps / 23,976 fps, 640×480| MP3 2ch / 135 Kbps VBR
Samples: #1, #2, #3, Video
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  1. 1. Joe bilboa May 28th, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    Looks interesting, thanks