Supastition-The Blackboard-EP-2013-FTD

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The Blackboard (feat. Faust & Shortee) – Supastition kicks off The Blackboard EP with the Gang Starr inspired track “The Blackboard”. The production from Rik Marvel is on point and it gives Supastition room to attack the beat with precision. Channeling his inner professor, Supa states he is “steady played by DJs who carry heavy crates.” The addition of Los Angeles based Dj duo Dj Faust and Shortee on the hook is awesome.

Genre: Hip-Hop
Artist: Supastition
Title: The Blackboard

Quality: 228 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo
Total Playtime: 35:51 min

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01 The Blackboard Ft Faust and Shortee 03:51
02 Daydream 03:38
03 Indestructible Ft Faust and Shortee 03:41
04 Rejoice 03:16
05 Best Worst Day 03:55
06 Yada Yada 03:17
07 Expectations 03:30
08 Perfect World Ft Dominique 03:51
09 Outcome (Bonus Track) 02:51
10 Don’t Care Anymore (Bonus Track) 04:01

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    Supastition-The Blackboard-EP-2013-FTD | 8 Hosts 😉










    Enjoy 😉


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    Supastition – The Blackboard EP 2013-FTD

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    Supastition – The Blackboard EP 2013-FTD

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