Steve Smyth – Exits 2014-pLAN9

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The new alternative rock album “Exits” by Australian singer Steve Smyth.

Poster for Exits

Title: Exits
Genre: Alternative, Music
Artist: Steve Smyth

Quality: 227 kbps @ 44.1 KHz, 2CH
Total Playtime: 43:56
Filesize: 72 MB

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Track List:

01Get OnSteve Smyth3:29
02Shake ItSteve Smyth3:43
03Digital HeartSteve Smyth4:21
04ParisSteve Smyth3:54
05Desolation PointSteve Smyth3:55
06South LandSteve Smyth4:21
07Written Or SpokenSteve Smyth5:00
08ManuscriptsSteve Smyth3:44
09Drovers, Sailors, TradersSteve Smyth3:41
10Le PassantSteve Smyth3:14
11ReaperbahnSteve Smyth4:34


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