Saints Row IV Update 5 Incl DLC-RELOADED

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The group RELOADED released Saints Row IV Update 5 Incl DLC, consisting many bug fixes and updates. List of these updates and bug fixes are in description.

Poster for Saints Row IV Update 5 Incl DLC

Platform: PC
Developer: Volition Inc.

676 MB | rld-sr4upd5
Protection: Steam+CEG+DLC

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Description: You do not need any previous updates for this release. Check the included changelog.txt file for a list of what’s new.

List of included DLCs:

* Saints Row Episode 4 – Preorder DLC
* Saints Row IV – Commander-In-Chief Pack
* Saints Row IV – Volition Comics Pack
* Saints Row IV – The Rectifier
* Saints Row IV – The Executive Privilege Pack
* Saints Row IV – Team Fortress 2 Pack
* Saints Row IV – Brady Games Pack
* Saints Row IV – Grass Roots Pack
* Saints Row IV – Presidential Pack
* Saints Row IV – Dubstep Expansion Pack
* Saints Row IV – GAT V Pack

New in this release:

* Saints Row IV – Wild West Pack
* Saints Row IV – Enter The Dominatrix


Patch 5 (released: 10/21/13)


· Fix for an issue where Marauders could spawn on the cribship
· Fix for an issue with the gun fire audio playing for the machine gun included in the GAT V DLC pack
· Fix for an issue where certain weapon icons would appear when they shouldn’t in store interfaces
· Fix for some missions where the player male animation set would replace the female animation set
· Fix for radio control bindings while on foot
· Fix to the weapon menu where the player is unable to scroll after receiving more than 9 special weapons
· Fix to for some players who were unable to become fireproof
· Improved overall stability of the game
· Various UI fixes for running the game with Eyefinity, including improved heath indications and weapon inventory screen updates
· Fix for crash where the player attempts to switch to fullscreen and it fails.


· Added support for future DLC
· Improved camera behavior while flying a VTOL
· The Client will now pause gameplay when joining a Host’s game while the host is on the “invite friends” menu after initially loading a CO-OP game
· The voice chat option will now only be enabled while CO-OP is active

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    Saints Row IV Update 5 Incl DLC-RELOADED





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