Saints Row IV Game of the Century Edition PS3-DUPLEX

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The group DUPLEX released Saints Row IV Game of the Century Edition for the PS3 platform. Loaded with all DLCs(20) this Game of the Century Edition release will definitely drive you crazy to play this game again. I’m sure you will have much better experience than the past.

Poster for Saints Row IV Game of the Century Edition

Genre: Action, Adventure, Modern
Release Date: 27 June 2014
Platform: PC | PS 3 | Xbox 360
Gameplay Modes: Single-player, Co-op
Developer: Volition Inc.
Ratings: MetaCritic: 7.6/10

1 Disc | 7.72 GB | duplex-saints.row.iv.gotc

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Release Info:

Game includes all DLC’s and other extras like :

Commander-in-Chief pack, Online Pass, Volition Comics Pack, Saints Row IV Season Pass, Rectifier, Executive Privilege Pack, Brady Games Pack, Grassroots Pack, Presidential Pack, Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack, Wild West Pack, GAT V Pack, Enter the Dominatrix, Super Saints Pack, Pirate’s Booty Pack, Thank You Pack, Element of Destruction Pack, Zinyak Attack Pack, Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’? Pack, How the Saints Save Christmas, Anime Pack, Stone Age Pack, Bling Bling Pack, Reverse Cosplay Pack, GameStop Warped Weapon Challenge, Game On, College Daze and Merica Gun…


– also known as Saints Row IV – The Full Package
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The Saints will again be the center of attention: This time, however, they do not make headlines than the usual criminals, but are celebrated as patriots! To put the existence of a scandal noodle an end, the leader of the Saints has decided to run for the highest office in the United States … and won! He is now the President of the United States of America …

It could all be so beautiful. But despite the elimination of the budget deficit, the no longer existing world hunger and the successful launch of Olympic sport “Table Dance”, the spoilsport are not far: The nasty alien empire of Zin strikes and the Saints end up in a bizarre Steelport simulation.Actually, it was the target of the aliens, using this virtual version of Steelport to break the will of prisoners Saints, but since they have not reckoned with the Saints!

Saints Row IV gives players an arsenal of alien weapons and technologies in the hand, which makes each Saint to a tool of unimaginable destruction. With enormous super powers, where even Superman is jealous, it is necessary to liberate humanity from the clutches of the leader of the aliens named Zinyak. The Saints can use these forces to jump on and over buildings, overtake loose while jogging stroller or opponents hurl all time telekinetically in the air of the coolest Saints Row chapter.

So it is to the Saints to save the world … Because this transition is not made arrogant wannabe politicians, but from the most dangerous men and women of the whole planet Worn action and improved individualization possibilities and the wacky humor make Saints Row IV to the best part of the series!

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The Game of the Century edition:

With new skins, new weapons to new orders bursts the Game of the Century Edition with over 20 DLCs almost at the seams. It contains all previously released DLC, including, inter alia, include

  • Enter The Dominatrix: Enter the Dominatrix reveals the wild jokes of the original, rejected SR3 extension. The Dominatrix has taken over Steelport, and only the Saints can stop them, all to be stuck in a virtual prison! With behind-the-scenes commentary and the return of popular characters.
  • How the Saints Save Christmas: Santa is captured in the simulation, but the Scrooge-like boss of the Saints can not muster enough Christmas spirit to save him. Can the Saints help the boss to find the true meaning of the festival? A Christmas classic for the whole family.
  • Element of Destruction: Refine your super skills with explosive force! Explosive blast, chain explosion TK, Explosives, Buff and time bomb masher add Saints Row IV previously unimagined simulation explosive spectacle.
  • Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin ‘?:She plays Saints Row IV, quite simply. Ash. Anthony. Papa Burch. Now available as Homies. Who could better support the boss as the greatest Saints fans?
  • Gat V: This is the moment have been waiting for all gamers: GAT V is here! Dress up as the unfortunate lovers Gat and Aisha – and grab yourself a heavy MG and a knife thrower for the ultimate Saints Row experience.

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  • Includes all previously released DLC (20 pieces) 
  • More freedom, more weapons, more customization options 
  • You play the role of President of the United States and fights the alien invasion in Steelport 
  • Total wacky action by super powers 
  • Cooperative campaign for two players with DROP-IN/DROP-OUT function

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