Raving Rabbids Travel in Time PAL Wii-LoCAL

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Ehhh, what’s up Doc? Care for some new game from the rabing rabbids series? Well, he went thataway. Have fun

You also might wanna check the NTSC version from ProCiSiON :

Raving.Rabbids.Travel.in.Time.USA.WII-ProCiSiON | 4.32 GB | xxx-rrr.nfo

Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time PosterGenre: Party | Adventure
Release Date: November 21, 2010
Platforms: Nintendo Wii Exclusive
Gameplay Modes: Single-Player, Local Multi-Player, Online Multi-Player
Developer: Ubisoft Paris
Ratings: Metacritic: N/A

1 DVD5 | 4.43 GB | rrtitwii
Region: PAL

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Description: Rabbids are bwaaack and this time they have an infallible plan: travel back in time and invade human history! Plunge into the past with the wacky Rabbids and revisit the greatest moments of history like the discovery of fire, the broken nose of the Sphinx or the legend of Arthur. Uncover how Rabbids wreaked havoc and changed the course of history…

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The Rabbids are about to change the course of human history and you’re invited to the party!
The Rabbids are bwaaack and this time they have an infallible plan to invade the human world: CONQUER HISTORY! When they discover time travel with their Time Washing Machine, you can bet they will cause loads of ridiculously wacky mayhem in history.

Customize your Rabbid with 30 wacky costumes, from Cowboy to Egyptian to Roman.Team up with up to four friends in more than 20 hilarious new and in-depth mini-games from flying to bouncing. Play in a wide range of the greatest moments in history – battle the Vikings, fly through the Renaissance, or even race King Arthur!

Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time Image

  • Travel back in history and wreak havoc with the wacky Rabbids: Plunge into the past and revisit a wide range of the greatest moments in history, such as the discovery of fire, the broken nose of the Sphinx or the 1st step on the moon. Watch the Rabbids battle the Vikings, see them go wild in the Wild West, and help them wreak havoc in the dinosaur age. Uncover how the Rabbids changed our past and decide if, they changed the course of history.
  • A brand new party game experience: From flying to bouncing, discover all-new gameplay for a more fun and in-depth game with high replay value.
  • More competition, more fun!: Team-up to play over 20 new hilarious and competitive mini-games with up to 4 players simultaneously.
  • Turn the history museum upside down!: Unleash your Rabbids in an interactive playground and uncover all the wacky mysteries hidden behind every room and piece of art.

Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time Image

  • Customize your bunnies: From Napoleon to the Pocahontas, unlock and pimp your bunnies with over 30 historical costumes, each with unique and hilarious mimics.
  • Join the Rabbids community: For the very first time in a Raving Rabbids game, compete with your friends online, share your scores and trophies, with your community and spread the bwaaahtitude around !
  • Precision has never been so wacky!: If you have one, use the Wii Motion+ to unleash the craziness of the Rabbids in exclusive mini-games.

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