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The group AMPED released application Poker Spy v2.92.03 for Windows. Professional poker players remember every significant hand played by their opponents. Poker-Spy gives you the same skill, just as if you were born with it.

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Operating System: Windows
Developer: Poker-Spy

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Protection: Limitations

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Description: We created the Poker-Spy Game Tracker to help maximize your poker profits. Truth be told, everything we do is about helping you bring more money home. But the award winning (and patented) Poker-Spy Game Tracker really shines in that department.

The Poker-Spy Game Tracker provides an at glance summary of the game in real time. The Poker-Spy Game Tracker automatically identifies the players at the table and gives you the information you need to take advantage of their weaknesses.

The Poker-Spy Game Tracker always lets you know if your opponents are winning or losing, the hands they are playing (including mucked hands at the showdown), errors they may have made, and other information you need to maximize your poker winnings. For example, Poker-Spy identify hands where your opponents try to bluff at the river. And it’s always good to know where your opponents are capable of bluffing. Right? And if you love playing tournaments, you will love our M-Value feature which is designed to help you adjust your play throughout the various stages of a poker tournament.

The Poker-Spy Game Tracker also displays the current overall conditions of the table (loose/tight – passive/aggressive) so you can quickly adjust your play as the circumstances require.

This all happens seamlessly and automatically while you focus on the game. There is no need to search, click and get distracted as the information you need is prominently displayed right where you need it. In front of you!

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