Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional v12.0.2.208-BEAN

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The group BEAN released MapInfo Professional v12.0.2.208 for Windows. See the description to know it’s features and usages.

Poster for MapInfo Professional v12.0.2.208

Operating System: Windows
Developer: Pitney Bowes

438 MB | bwaw40**
Protection: Other

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Description: MapInfo Professional is a powerful mapping and geographic analysis application. By visualising the relationships between data and geography, MapInfo Professional makes it fast and easy to create, share and use maps by turning data into information.

MapInfo Professional v12.0 makes it easier than ever to create great looking maps. With new cartographic output features such as enhanced automatic labelling options, new scalebar enhancements, and greater flexibility over legend and layout objects, making maps that stand out has never been so easy.

Cartographic output:

MapInfo Professional v12.0 provides greater control over the appearance of scalebars allowing transparent backgrounds and borders, giving more space for map display. Enhancements to the Legend Designer introduced in v11.5 provide control over the order of objects within a frame, automatic word wrapping for long text and resizing of style swatches for individual layers. Objects within the layout window can now be quickly aligned.


MapInfo Professional v12.0 delivers substantial improvements to the creation and placement of labels, reducing the need to create custom labels. New smart algorithms allow users to place more curved labels on a map automatically. Options are also provided to fall back to rotated labels where lines are too jagged or curved labels will not fit. Curved labels can now be moved by clicking and dragging them to a new location.

New algorithms provide intelligent placement of labels for polygons, automatically determining the best location and size for individual labels on densely populated maps. This combined with new automatic callout placement and the ability to set the priority of labelled layers within a map provides a set of comprehensive and flexible labelling options.

Ease of use:

MapInfo Professional v12.0 continues to be the world’s most powerful easy to use GIS. New tools such as Compare Table Structure which allows users to compare and edit data in multiple tables simultaneously, the new PolyBuilder tool for automatically creating polygons from digitized linework and the new Quick Translator tool for getting non-native data in and out of MapInfo Professional, mean complex operations are made straightforward, saving valuable time.

Technology updates:

With support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, MapInfo Professional v12.0 allows organisations to make use of the latest hardware and software available. Users are now also able to read, write and create SQLite databases allowing seamless interoperability with the range of Autodesk products. The inclusion of the new Quick Translator makes getting data in and out of MapInfo Professional easier than ever. MapInfo Professional v12 also adds support for PostGIS 2.0, adds improved support for SQL Server Geography type and support for WFS v1.1.

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    Pitney Bowes Mapinfo Professional V12 0 2 208 Danish-BEAN

    Pitney Bowes Mapinfo Professional V12 0 2 208-BEAN