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Oi oi guys, I’m on the late shift tonight, because I can’t sleep, so why not help out fellow posters 😉 This movie, which I like because it has the hot chick from heroes in it, is about a stalker, and a rich dude. Original plot line, but check it out if you want ;-). Quality is nice for a VHS screener, very watchable. Enjoy!

Synopsis: Hell hath no fury like an office temp scorned in director Stephen Shill’s domestic thriller OBSESSED. Executive-produced by entertainment megastar Beyonce Knowles, the film stars Knowles as Sharon, a one-time temp who has become a dutiful wife to investment brokerage hot-shot Derek (Idris Elba of THE WIRE), as well as the mother to their son. Further temp-tation arrives in the form of Lisa (Ali Larter of HEROES), who sets her blonde ambitions on Derek from day one. Sharon is wary but Derek remains a model of marital fidelity in the face of Lisa’s repeated flirtations–inappropriate incidents that he avoids telling Sharon about. But when Derek rejects Lisa’s sexual advances at the company Christmas party, her downward spiral of romantic obsession leads her to pursue Derek on a corporate retreat and attempt suicide in his hotel room. Promptly sent into spousal exile, Derek must win back Sharon’s trust while the two attempt to put Lisa’s psychotic episode behind them. Lisa is one temp who’s not easily reassigned, though, and her increasingly brazen intrusions into Derek and Sharon’s life auger an inevitable reckoning between the would-be seducer and wife. First-time film director Shill gets a wonderfully wicked performance from Larter, while Knowles shows off her claws in the film’s climactic showdown. Taking its place alongside such films as FATAL ATTRACTION and DISCLOSURE, OBSESSED is a rollicking reminder that all’s fair in love and stalking.

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