Netralia VodBurner v1.1.0.201-BEAN

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The group BEAN released Netralia’s VodBurner, with VodBurner you can record Skype voice and edit as well.

Poster for Netralia VodBurner

Operating System: Windows
Developer: Netralia

17.4 MB | bnvodbg*
Protection: n/a

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Description: Crystal-clear Skype recording. Revolutionary editing. Create complete video production from Skype video calls.


– Record Skype video calls and create complete video productions from them.
– Capture every frame at maximum resolution for the best quality possible.
– Create MP4 or WMV files suitable for sharing with others.
– Edit the video using the built in Post-Production Console.
– Alter the person(s) shown at any point (this side, other side or both sides).
– Choose any combination and order of cameras for Group Video Calls.
– Trim portions of the call so they do not appear in the final production.
– Balance the volume of the two sides of the call.
– Add text captions to the final production, with your choice of font, color and background.
– Add pictures to the final production.
– Add background music to the final production, with professional fading options and volume control.
– Add external video to the final production.
– Upload to YouTube for public or private sharing.
– Generate video with your choice of aspect ratio and resolution.
– Create templates with your standard text captions, audio etc. to save on editing time.
– Record in 720p now, and in higher resolutions as these become supported by Skype.
– Record screen sharing when shared by other party.
– Generate WAV files containing the audio content of the call.
– Anti-drift technology keeps both sides of the call in sync.
– Ideal for podcast interview recording.

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