MNDR-Feed Me Diamonds-(Retail)-2012-C4

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Feed Me Diamonds is best, though, when it gets emotionally heady. At first “Stay” sounds too chilly, too insistent on delivering pat soundbites like “I’m not going to fade away,” but the way the chorus trails off and the catch in Warner’s voice when she sings “aching” betrays the act. The title track, meanwhile, is all catches. It’s got its footnotes– the reference this time is a quote by performance artist Marina Abramovic’ about how her father was killed after being fed fine-pureed diamonds– but you don’t need to consult them to hear the masochism in Warner’s voice as she meanders from the first crafted couplet (“lie with me, lie to me”) on through reduction and dismantlement metaphors. MNDR always had style; here, at least, the substance has caught up.

Genre: Electronic
Artist: MNDR
Title: Feed Me Diamonds

Quality: Lame 3.98.4 V0 VBR Joint-Stereo
Total Playtime: 44:46 min

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01. #1 In Heaven 3:52
02. Stay 3:22
03. Faster Horses 3:42
04. Blue Jean Youth 2:57
05. Fall In Love With The Enemy 3:52
06. U.B.C.L. 4:32
07. Feed Me Diamonds 3:30
08. Burning Hearts 4:03
09. Sooner Or Later 3:59
10. Waiting 3:04
11. Sparrow Voices 4:16
12. I Go Away 3:37

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