MIRC v7.49-rG

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The group rG released MIRC v7.49 for the Windows platform. For more info, please visit product’s home page.

Poster for MIRC v7.49

Operating System: Windows
Developer: mIRC Co. Ltd.

2.63 MB | rg0819xa
Protection: Licence+Online Validation

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Description: mIRC is a popular Internet Relay Chat client used by individuals and organizations to communicate, share, play and work with each other on IRC networks around the world. Serving the Internet community for over two decades, mIRC has evolved into a powerful, reliable and fun piece of technology.


1.Changed CAP invite-notify support so that invite notifications are now
displayed by default.
2.Added CAP 3.2 support, so mIRC now sends LS CAP 302 when logging on.
3.Added CAP cap-notify support which allows a server to add or remove
capabilities during a connection. mIRC responds to NEW or DEL events
by quitting and reconecting, as allowed by the specification.
4.Added server version check for UnrealIRCd in order to disable support
for mode +q quiet lists as UnrealIRCd uses mode +q for owner lists.
5.Changed Add/Edit server dialog to allow use of seperate server and
logon method passwords.
6.Changed /server -w and -l switches to allow specification of separate
[-w password] for server and [-l method password] for logon method.
7.Changed $server().pass to return server password and .methodpass to
return logon method password.
8.Fixed window treebar/switchbar focus bug.
9.Fixed $regmlex() returning 0 for empty capture group when it should
have been returning $null.
10.Fixed CAP SASL external bug.
11.Added CTCP DCC resume error message when file is smaller than the
existing file.
12.Added support for evaluation of highlight tip messages.
13.Added /sockopen -n switch to disable Nagle algorithm on socket.
14.Fixed IAL gpf bug when IAL was turned off and channel was joined.

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