Lynda com Up and Running with iOS SDK-ELOHiM

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ELOHiM release video tutorial of Bash Scripting


Author: Ron Lisle
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Runtime :2h 12m

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Description: Creating an iOS application can seem daunting at first. It involves setting up an Apple Developer Account, and learning how to use Xcode and the iOS software development kit (SDK). But taken step-by-step, it’s surprising how quickly you can start developing your first iOS app. Ron Lisle introduces you to the tools, terminology, and processes used in iOS  development, as he guides you through creating a simple tip calculation application. Learn how to write the code that makes your app run, lay out and connect the user interface, and gather the assets you need to submit  it to the App Store. Plus, find out how to install your app onto an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and test it to make sure it works.

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