LinuxCBT WinPython Edition-PRODEV

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This time the group PRODEV with 8 hours tutorial focused on Windows® Python Scripting.

Poster for LinuxCBT WinPython Edition

Operating System: Windows
Developer: LinuxCBT

641MB | prodev-linuxcbt_winpython
Protection: n/a

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Description: Course Objective

Python on Windows

Discuss features
Download & Install
Explore environment
Derive OS-related values
Peruse variables: scalar, sequences, tuples, sets
Use interactive | non-interactive modes
Transform & slice data accordingly
Manage lists with relevant functions

Discuss applications
Confirm and validate supplied arguments
Integrate Regular Expressions (RegEx)
Navigate standard conditional branches

Cycle through sequences using FOR
Traverse lists
Generate sequences with range()
Iterate over the contents of textual data
Use WHILE similarly

Error Handling with Exceptions
Discuss features and benefits
Implement error handling using TRY and EXCEPT
Trap various errors based on classes of interest
Provision catchall exceptions

File I/O
Discuss features and modes
Open content as string and list
Integrate exception handling
Strip superfluous delimiters
Modify I/O stream to suit objectives
Write transformed I/O
Ascertain OS statistics as needed

Checksum Generation
Discuss necessity
Identify key hash library and supported checksums
Integrate glob() function
Auto-generate checksums on specified content
Evaluate results

Mass Copy & Normalization of Files
Define objective
Parse delimiters as needed
Segregate file elements accordingly
Substitute desired delimiters
Normalize format
Determine delimiters from source files
Evaluate output

Implement FTP client library with encryption support to remote instance
Parse and retrieve latest content as per objective
Confirm results

Directory Tree Copy
Identify limitations
Import relevant modules
Duplicate desired directory trees
Confirm results

Process Execution
Discuss applicability
Implement system calls
Parse returned results
Evaluate accordingly

URL Library
Explain features
Import relevant modules
Implement HTTP client access
Submit variables to server-side process
Evaluate returned data

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