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And here’s 8 hours tutorial focused on Windows® Perl Scripting from the group PRODEV.

Poster for LinuxCBT WinPerl Edition

Operating System: Windows
Developer: LinuxCBT

687 MB | prodev-linuxcbt_winperl
Protection: n/a

Homepage | Wiki
NFO | Torrent | Usenet

Description: Course Objective

Perl on Windows – Scripting Environment – Module II

Download & Install ActivePerl
Install Bluefish Editor
Explore & confirm environment
Discuss attributes & features
Define & manipulate variables
Concatenate values

Discuss applicability
Explore CLI Arguments
Determine variable availability
Use Regular Expression (RegEx) to validate CLI Arguments
Perform file tests

Discuss features & attributes
Use WHILE to iterate accordingly
Explore UNTIL in conjunction with file I/O
Iterate using FOR
Use FOREACH with arrays
Cycle through CLI Arguments

Array Functions
Define applicability
Remove trailing | leading items
Append | prepend list elements
Sort elements

Define & Invoke
Pass values and process
Log items received
Apply array management

File I/O
Discuss features & modes
Iterate over file handle
Generate resultant file with alternate handle
Handle line delimiters accordingly
Transform data
Evaluate results

Explain benefits
Identify tools & archives
Implement compression module
Move data with FTP
Evaluate results

Mass Move | Normalization
Discuss system limitations
Generate list of relevant items
Incorporate RegEx support
Transform delimiters wholesale
Promulgate transformations

Mail Services
Discuss rules
Construct mailer
Generate messages
Incorporate into processes
Evaluate results

Case Normalization
Parse files & strings
Determine current delimiters
Normalize accordingly
Retrofit existing process
Confirm output

Router Interaction
Discuss features
Install module
Connect to Cisco device and ascertain useful data
Parse as needed

MySQL Connectivity
Discuss features
Implement routines
Interface router data with MySQL

Emulate Linux ‘uptime’
Generate M3U feed

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