Lepide Active Directory Manager and Reporting v12.12.01-Lz0

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Here is Lepide Active Directory Manager and Reporting’s latest version from the group Lz0.

OS: Windows
Developer: Lepide Software

4.59 MB | lzwzule1
Protection: Other

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LepideAuditor for Active Directory is a powerful tool to track and control Active Directory changes so as to maintain a highly-secured AD environment. It tracks all day-to-day changes in AD and generates alerts when something undesirable takes place and make it possible to rollback changes to give complete control over AD.

Features of LepideAuditor for Active Directory:

• Active Directory Change Tracking : Track all changes done in Active Directory and get Who, What, When and Where information for changes made in All Objects, Users, OUs, Computers, Groups, AD and Network Policy. Get real time alerts for critical changes and requirement based periodic reports to keep a close watch on all changes.
• Active Directory Change Control : Identify undesirable changes made in AD objects and restore them to a desirable state using snapshots. Active Directory Audit Tool captures AD snapshots and makes it possible to rollback critical or all changes to the desired state.


• Uphold Compliance : Implement internal and external regulatory policies and thus stay compliant with various industry specific acts and standards such as SOX, HIPPA, PCI, ITIL etc.
• Real Time AD Tracking : Monitor AD environment in real time and keeping a check on what went wrong, by whom and when and resolve issues before getting worse.
• Eliminate Risk Factors : Create a highly secured Active Directory environment that ensures business continuity by eliminating all risk-factors (such as security breach, compliance violation, fraudulent activities etc.) associated with AD.
• Protect Active Directory against Undesirable Changes : Get instant alerts on critical changes made to Active Directory with details like who changed what and when minimizing the detection time and protecting AD objects against undesirable changes.
• Save Time : Save time consumed in identifying and restoring undesirable changes. Eliminate the need to restore changes one by one, select and restore them all at once.

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    Release Name: Lepide.Active.Directory.Manager.and.Reporting.v12.12.01-Lz0
    Size: 4.59 MB
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