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The Scene group ALiAS released ripped version of Kairo, a game developed by Richard Perrin.

Platform: PC
Developer: Richard Perrin

243 MB | a-kairo*
Protection: Other

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Enter the lost world of Kairo. Explore vast abandoned monuments. Bring strange and ancient machinery back to life. Slowly uncover the true purpose of Kairo and fulfil a great destiny.

Kairo is an atmospheric 3D exploration and puzzle solving game. Developed by Richard Perrin the creator of the white chamber with music by Wounds (Bartosz Szturgiewicz).


– Exploration – Travel through a strange world full of abstract architecture. Each room is unique so there’s always something new to find.
– Puzzle Solving – Repair ancient forgotten machinery to slowly bring the world back to life.
– Environmental Storytelling – Exposition without the traditional dialogue or text. The story of Kairo is told through the world itself. The things you find will slowly help you unravel the true
purpose of this mysterious land.
– Atmospheric Soundtrack – The music helps shape the land and will fill you with an equal measure of wonder and dread.

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