Justin Furstenfeld – Songs From An Open Book 2014-MTD

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“Songs From An Open Book” is the debut solo acoustic album of Blue October frontman Justin Furstenfeld.

Poster for Songs from an Open Book

Title: Songs from an Open Book
Genre: Rock
Artist: Justen Furstenfeld

Quality: 220 kbps @ 44.1 KHz, 2CH
Total Playtime: 68:07
Filesize: 106 MB

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Track List:

01The AnswerJustin Furstenfeld6:11
02Can And Cannot SayJustin Furstenfeld3:32
03Black OrchidJustin Furstenfeld4:32
04A Funny ThingJustin Furstenfeld1:11
05AngelJustin Furstenfeld5:30
06Consent To Treatment StoryJustin Furstenfeld1:02
07SchizophreniaJustin Furstenfeld4:28
08The Birthday PresentJustin Furstenfeld0:20
09Calling YouJustin Furstenfeld3:43
10Chameleon BoyJustin Furstenfeld5:12
11The ApologyJustin Furstenfeld0:10
12Hate MeJustin Furstenfeld4:46
13Sound Of Pulling Heaven DownJustin Furstenfeld4:11
14Any Man In AmericaJustin Furstenfeld4:55
15Worry ListJustin Furstenfeld4:55
16The Sarah StoryJustin Furstenfeld1:37
17FearJustin Furstenfeld5:36
18Up ThereJustin Furstenfeld1:26
19Not Broken AnymoreJustin Furstenfeld5:10


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