JC Brooks And The Uptown Sound-Howl-(Promo)-2013-C4

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The back cover of Howl pictures a young black man propped against the railing of a bridge. He s clad in geek-chic Buddy Holly glasses and vintage French t-shirt for the There Is a Light That Never Goes Out single. His hands are shoved deep into his pockets and his face is tinged with the overly-telegraphed melancholy of someone yearning for a level ennui that they ve not yet actually earned. Behind him sits a bricked-up old factory whose graffiti proclaims loudly that MEMORIES-ARE-SACRED . The mishmash of elements are ideal iconographic frames for JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound s third album. The mixture of old and new black and white hip and anachronistic have all been tensions long embedded in the band s music. Having the whole thing framed by the idea of memory loss and sadness captures the new album s concerns with neatness that s almost too perfect

Poster for Howl

Title: Howl
Genre: Soul
Artist: JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

Quality: 229 kbps Avg @ Lame 3.98.4 V0 VBR, Joint Stereo
Total Playtime: 43:16 min
Filesize: 71.08 MB

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Track List:

01. Howl 4:12
02. Married For A Week 3:45
03. Rouse Yourself 4:08
04. Security 4:18
05. Ordinary 3:22
06. Before You Die 3:51
07. Not Alone 3:27
08. River 3:55
09. Cold 3:00
10. Control 4:02
11. These Things 5:16

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