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The group UNION released Image Line’s FL Studio Producer Edition v11.1 used widely by the music editors and in the production as well. Checkout the description and the product’s page for the more info.

Poster for Image Line FL Studio Producer Edition v11.1

Operating System: Windows
Developer: Image Line

308 MB | u-fl110*
Protection: AES

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Description: FL Studio 11 is a complete software music production environment or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) representing more than 14 years of innovative developments and our commitment to Lifetime Free Updates. Everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music. FL Studio 11 is the fastest way from your brain to your speakers.

Notable New Features:

Performance mode – Trigger Playlist Clips live using a mouse, touch screen, typing keyboard or MIDI controller. Supports APC20/40, Launchpad, Lemur, Block, Maschine/Mikro, padKONTROL, QuNeo, Traktor Kontrol (and more).
Multi-touch support – FL Studio and some plugins now respond to Multi-touch with Microsoft gesture functions supported.
Playlist – 199 Playlist tracks, increased from 99.
Linking includes MIDI input port – Links now remember the MIDI input port used to avoid conflict between controllers.
Playlist & Piano roll – Horizontal & vertical movement locking. Shift is horizontal lock & Ctrl is vertical lock when dragging items.
Piano roll – Glue notes, Mouse wheel velocity, Monophonic step entry mode & Chop chords tool.
Right-click data entry – Most controls now allow a Right-click option to type in values.
Plugin Picker – Right-click to open a plugin and its presets in the Browser. Start typing plugin names to highlight entries.
Mixer – Page Up/Down keyboard keys cycle through the current mixer track’s plugin windows.
Options – Play truncated notes in clips restores notes overlapping slice points in Pattern Clips. Click and hold functions. GUI animation level now selectable from sober to entertaining.

What you can do with Producer edition:

Producer edition rounds out FL Studios capabilities with 1. Comprehensive audio recording and manipulation capabilities. 2. Audio and Automation Clips.

Full audio recording and post-production. Producer edition allows you to record external and internal audio. Record up to the maximum number of simultaneous audio tracks your computer and audio interface (soundcard) can support.

Access to the Playlist Pattern, Audio and Automation Clips for arranging, chopping, stretching, time-shifting any Audio, Notes and Automation.

Use the flexible Automation Clip based automation to overlay audio, notes in the Playlist and hand-draw/edit point & curve based splines.

With the addition of audio-focussed plugins such as Edison, Slicex and Vocodex to help you chop, loop and perform audio in creative ways.

Flowstone, a modular synthesizer and effects creation environment with unlimited potential.

Producer Edition includes:

All Fruity Edition features plus…

Audio recording from external sources.

Direct-to-disk recording & offline rendering of Mixer tracks.

Audio Clips with waveform view & support for cue points.

Automation Clips with editable envelopes and LFO mode.

+ Edison (FL plugin version only) – integrated audio editor/recorder.

+ Slicex (FL plugin version only) – loop slicer & re-arranger.

+ Vocodex (FL plugin version only) – advanced vocoder.

+ Synthmaker (FL plugin version only) – advanced everything!

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