Iceni Technology InfixPro PDF Editor v6.21 Cracked-EAT

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The group EAT released Iceni Technology’s InfixPro PDF Editor v6.21 for Windows. This apps is need by everyone wheter a pro or a home user just go through the description, you will know why?

Poster for Iceni Technology InfixPro PDF Editor v6.21

Operating System: Windows
Developer: Iceni. echnology

59.7 MB | eatip6b1
Protection: Demo Limits

Homepage | Wiki
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Description: Infix PDF editor lets you open, edit and save PDF files. It’s easy and quick – you can change text, fonts, images and more. And, unlike other PDF editors, it works like normal word processing software, so it’s really easy to use.

– Sort out typos: correct mistakes in PDF files quickly.
– Reuse your PDFs: edit any PDF, without the source file
– Use less paper: fill in forms without printing

It doesn’t matter whether you change a single word, a paragraph, or an entire page. Infix is the only PDF editor that covers your back, reflowing and reformatting text to keep it looking good. Once you’ve saved a file, you can’t even tell it’s been edited.

Key features:

– Works like a word processor: no tricky tools to figure out
– Edit practically anything: text, font sizes, images and more
– Keeps text tidy: reflows paragraphs and columns automatically
– Copy graphics and text between PDF files
– Search and replace: in one file or across several at once
– Create PDFs too – from any document: it’s as easy as printing or scanning

Full features:

– If we listed all the features here, you’d be looking at one of the longest web pages you’ve ever seen. Besides, the important things isn’t the length of the features list. It’s being able to do what you need.
•Edit & reflow text using familiar word processor controls (movie)
•Convert PDF to ePub, RTF, HTML
•Convert anything to PDF using the Infix PDF Printer
•Create PDF from your scanners and apply OCR to existing PDFs
•Open, create and manipulate PDF portfolios
•Join multiple PDFs into a single document (movie)
•Commenting – stamps, sticky notes, signatures, text highlights and more.
•Fill-in interactive and traditional forms
•Photo albums – drag’n drop hundreds of photos to produce a PDF album
•Translate PDF into other languages (movie)
•Lines with arrowheads for labelling diagrams
•Find & replace text (movie)
-in styled text
-across batches of documents
-in bookmarks & annotations
-in hypertext links
•Spell-check in multiple languages
•Manipulate layers – show/hide/rename to make editing easier
•Redact text – simple, secure text and image redaction
•Smart, automatic bookmarks
•Clone objects across pages (movie)
•Renumber pages (movie)
•Create article threads and export their contents to HTML, ePub, RTF etc.
•Remap fonts – fix PDFs that could not otherwise be edited or exported
•Grids, Guides & margins – to make editing layout simpler.
•Add and remove watermarks from pages user-defined watermarks.
•Immune from PDF viruses (including malicious Javascript)
-fully funtional
-some features available

System Requirements:

-PC: Windows 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 (including 64-bit versions), 1GB RAM, 1GHz x86 CPU, 60MB free disk space.
Infix is compatible with Citrix desktop virtualisation.

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