History Channel Life After People DOCU 2008 DVDRiP XViD-DOCUMENT

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Here we have a documentary about the end of civilization. looks pretty cool, gonna give it a try. comes on 1cd with a very low bitrate (expect pixels)

PLOT: The very notion is deliciously ghoulish: What happens to earth if–or when–people suddenly vanished? The History Channel presents a dramatic, fascinating what-if scenario, part science fiction and part true natural science. “Welcome to Earth, Population: 0” is the catchy tagline, Life After People’s 94 minutes are so gripping you nearly forget while you watch that you, yourself, will be gone too. It turns out that earth can go along very nicely without us. The hardest part of the special is probably in the first 15 minutes, when pet owners confront what likely will happen to their dogs (thankfully, the show follows those dogs who break out of their houses, and the prognosis for them to survive as scavengers is good).

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