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A small game like all the WiiWare games which reminds me of the Virtual Squad series. In this game you’re a military doing missions in Middle East.  It supports the Wii Zapper and it even has a multi-player mode. Have fun!

Genre: Arcade First-Person Shooter
Release Date: July 26, 2010
Platforms: Wii
Publisher: Teyon
Developer: Teyon
Ratings: N/A

10 x 5 MB | 44 MB | 1u-hfso | Region Lock: USA (NTSC)

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Join an elite army unit in Heavy Fire: Special Operations, an arcade shooter for the WiiWare service. Play challenging missions in the Middle East from the ground, Humvee or Blackhawk. You will need a quick trigger finger to finish extremely dangerous levels. Rise through the military ranks and accumulate more powerful weapons with different features and controls. Replay the game to improve your best score and submit it to the world rankings. Make combos and smash the environment to get more points. You can take out enemies in a single-player mode or with a friend in multi-player mode. The Wii Zapper accessory is supported but not required.

Enlist the elite special forces unit in a new on-rails shooter for WiiWareâ„¢. Grab your Wii Remoteâ„¢ or Wii Zapperâ„¢ and take out enemies in a single-player mode or use the additional firepower of your friend in a multi-player. You will need serious speed and accuracy to take on the opponents and stay alive.

Blaze through stages using your light-gun from the ground, armored car or helicopter. You will need a quick trigger-finger to complete extremely dangerous levels and restore the balance of the terrorized Middle East region.

Get additional points for smashing the environment. You can gain plenty of bonuses for example for destroying cars, booths, barrels, for taking down 5 opponents quickly and many others. Based on gathered points you are promoted to one of 7 ranks.

Rise in the military ranks and get more and more powerful weapons differing in features and controls. You are starting as a Private and it is up to you whether you finish the game as a Corporal, a Master Sergeant or even as a Sergeant Major. Each rank is linked to one of seven guns, so the more points you gain, the higher rank and the better weapon you get. Play to finish the game or just to improve your best score.


  • Exotic environments of the Middle East
  • Multi-player co-operation mode
  • 7 military ranks giving access to powerful weapons including SMG-5, MP-4 or PDW-90
  • Various kinds of combat (shoot from the ground, armored car or helicopter)
  • Wii Zapper support taking the game to a new level of arcade game-play
  • Many bonuses and combos to perform like ‘Leader Kill’, ‘Demolition Man’, ‘Lord of Destruction’ and others, helping to get more points
  • Detailed statistics for each player
  • Plenty of interactive and destructible objects on maps

In June, a rebel group called Ahmar Sanat enters Kismaayo, Somalia, spreading terror and fear. Hundreds of people are killed.

The Government response is not good enough. The rebels are too well equipped and there are too many of them. On August 15th the Somali Government asks us to send troops and assist in combat against the terrorism. Our mission is to liberate the city and to restore the balance in the region.

Your unit goes on the operation including 6 high-risk missions:

Mission 1: Armored Car Patrol
Take aim from a vehicle’s machine gun.
Mission 2: Evacuation
Escape an ambush under the enemies’ fire.
Mission 3: Helicopter Assault
Shoot when flying a helicopter.
Mission 4: Street Sweep
Patrol the Mogadish streets.
Mission 5: High Stakes
Protect a square in front of the palace.
Mission 6: The Palace
Break through the enemy’s line – the ultimate fight.

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