Elsevier-Force Animal Drawing 2011 RETAiL EBook-DiGiBook

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Many artists are unsure how to bridge the gap between the many basic ‘how to draw’ books and the more advanced ones dealing with the esoteric details of composition, perspective and anatomy. Force: Animal Drawing is the comprehensive guide to developing artistic animals that are creative, dynamic and anatomical, bridging the gap between foundational art and advanced techniques. Artists and animators alike all find animal inspiration when animating characters- be they human or inhuman. For a unique ‘larger than life’ character, readers will learn to apply the unique facets of animal movement, locomotion, expressions, facial features, physical build and personality to their traditional and digital art. Readers will also adapt key industry tricks and techniques to personify animal animations with key characteristics of a human?s face. Explore the practical application of force theories and learn from today’s leading character designers with the included artist interviews and an extended video tutorial.

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