DxO Labs DxO ViewPoint v1.1.1.59-DVT

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The group DVT released DxO ViewPoint’s latest version, DxO ViewPoint is not only admired by the professionals but also by the non-professionals.  This superb tool can be used as standalone as well as a plugin in Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 and 4, both 32 and 64 bit.

OS: Windows
Developer: DxO Labs

195 MB | d1b560**
Protection: Patch

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DxO ViewPoint is the first software solution entirely dedicated to correcting distorted elements on the edges of your photos, and to fixing problems with keystoning and tilted horizons. Thanks to the precision and simplicity of DxO ViewPoint’s tools, you can quickly and easily restore the natural proportions of the subjects in your images by integrating the power of DxO Labs exclusive geometric correction technology into your usual image processing workflow.


•    Correcting distorted subjects: The distortion of subjects situated on the edges of images, also known as “volume anamorphosis,” affects many kinds of photos, particularly those of social events, weddings and reportage
•    Neutralize the convergent lines in your images: In architectural photography, the location of the photographer determines whether the subject (typically a building) is shot straight-on, or at a low angle (i.e., from ground level), or at a high angle
•    Achieve perfect compositions: While traveling, or during social events or at weddings, you may find yourself taking photos quickly or while holding your camera at arm’s length. In these cases, the horizon line may end up tilted to some degree
•    Automatic cropping: DxO ViewPoint can crop your image in a way that preserves a maximum of surface area in your image. The surface area to be preserved is highlighted with respect to the (grayed-out) area to be eliminated. You can accept the crop with just one click
•    Manual cropping: Select a standard ratio in the Image Ratio drop-down menu, or apply a totally customized manual crop that best frames what you want your image to express
•  Many more…


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    Release Name: DxO.Labs.DxO.ViewPoint.v1.1.1.59-DVT
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