Detour 2013 WEBRip XviD-WaLMaRT

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The WEBRip xvid of the 2013 thriller movie “Detour”.

Detour (I) (2013) PosterGenre: Thriller
Cast: Neil Hopkins, Brea Grant, John Forest
Runtime: 87 min
Ratings: IMDB: 5.1 (64 votes) | RT: 60% (5 reviews)

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Synopsis: Trapped inside his car by a mudslide, smooth talking Jackson Alder suddenly finds himself in a situation he can’t talk his way out of. With no hope of rescue, he must defy the odds; battling Mother Nature for his survival.

Detour (I) (2013) Image

Trailer for Detour.
On the road to a high-powered lunch meeting, smooth-talking ad man Jackson Alder is brainstorming his next big pitch when he is blindsided by Mother Nature. Swallowed up by a devastating mudslide, he awakens to darkness. Alone underneath an avalanche of mud, his certainty of rescue gives way to a horrifying reality—no one is coming. With oxygen and time running out, Jackson clings to the unfinished life he left behind. Shedding his suit and surveying the limited tools he has at his disposal, Jackson refuses to go down without a fight. Pushing himself beyond his physical and mental boundaries, he must ask himself the ultimate question: What would you do to survive?

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