Crazy Machines II CLONECD-Unleashed

Posted by on Jul 20th, 2008, at 6:46 pm in Clone,Games.

Group Unleashed brings to us a new puzzle game. It’s a clone CD but looks like it doesn’t need a crack only a serial number included in the nfo.

[Update] Crazy.Machines.II-ViTALiTY, this release somes with the NoCD crack. Torrent added and new NFO. Enjoy!

Create your own daring experiments with Crazy Machines II! How will a toaster handle two whoopie cushions? How to watch TV with a steam engine? Build up insane chain reactions and pray that everything works or explodes with a big bang.


Extreme detailed and living 3D graphics with new effects like heat haze, motion blur and much more.
Completely new game elements, e.g. laser and lightning generators.
Revised common game elements with a lot more possibilities.
A new game physics model with destroyable and deformable objects.
Ageia PhysX hardware support.
Online option for exchanging labs and downloading new game content.

Release name: Crazy.Machines.II.CLONECD-Unleashed
Size: 1CD, 636.61 MB
Genre: Puzzle, Strategy
Protection: Solidshield
File names: unl-cm2

Release name: Crazy.Machines.II-ViTALiTY
Size: 1CD, 595.61 MB
Genre: Puzzle, Strategy
Protection: Solidshield
File names: vty-0199

Reviews, info: Gamespot, IGN, Homepage
Developer, distributor: FAKT Software GmBH,  Viva Media
NFO: Here(Unleashed), Here(ViTALiTY)
Torrent: Torrent(Unleashed), Torrent(ViTALiTY)

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    Crazy Machines II CLONECD-Unleashed

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