Collectorz com Music Collector Pro v11.0.3-TE

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The group TE released the latest version of Music Collector Pro v11.0.3 from An useful apps for organizing music.

Poster for Music Collector Pro v11.0.3

Operating System: Windows
30 MB | tmcp113*
Protection: Server Check Crack

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Description: Automatically catalog your CDs & music files. Just insert CDs or scan your music folders to get
instant album details, song titles & cover images.


Adding CDs to your database
•    Cataloging CDs by inserting the discs
•    Cataloging albums by Artist and Title
•    Cataloging CDs by barcode
•    Batch adding with the Queue Mode
•    The online music database:
o    Music data sources
o    Automatic data for CDs
•    Finding more cover images online
•    Cataloging music files
(MP3, M4A, OGG, WMA, FLAC, etc.)
•    Classical Music
Browsing your music collection
•    Images View / List View / Cover Flow
•    Group albums into Folders
•    Manage your Collection and your Wish List
•    Statistics: Bar Charts and Pie Charts
•    Searching your music database
•    Customizing Music Collector
o    Details View: Templates and Styles
o    Main screen Layout
o    Configurable Fonts & Font Size
o    Choose your List Columns
o    Sorting / Ordering your album list
Exporting and sharing your album list
•    Exporting album data to the CLZ Music app
for iPhone, iPad and Android
•    Share your database online with
Music Collector Connect
•    Printing lists
•    Export to HTML pages
•    Export to CSV, XML
•    Network support
Managing and editing your database
•    Editing your album entries
•    Editing multiple albums in one go
•    Loan Manager
•    Auto Capitalization & Automatic Sort Titles
•    Managing your pick lists
•    Setting Field Defaults
•    Field Names / User Defined Fields

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