Movie Collector Pro v9.0.5 and Music Collector Pro v10.1.3 HAPPY NEW YEAR-TE

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The Scene group TE released latest version of Movie and Music Collector Pro from

OS: Windows

31.8 MB, 25.3 MB | tmvc905*, tmcp101*
Protection: Server Check Crack

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Catalog your Music, DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs in no time at all. Just enter titles or scan barcodes for automatic cast, crew & cover art.

• Save time by searching & adding multiple movies in batch. Use the OPN-2001 laser scanner or the CLZ Barry app to scan multiple barcodes in one go, then add them all in batch.
• Save time by editing multiple movies in batch, to apply the same change to all of them in one go.
• Use the Filter screen to create and save advanced search filters, using AND, OR and brackets.
• Create, save and re-use multiple column field sets.
• Create, save and re-use multiple sort field sets.
• Group movies into any folder type, even multi-level folders, plus create, save and re-use folder field sets.
• Extra User Defined fields, which can be renamed to store any info you like. Also, rename all predefined fields.
• Print one-movie-per-page reports in various styles.
• Create your own print templates using XSL-programming.
• Export your movie data to CSV format, to XML or HTML.
• Full access to the central online movie database: search and add movies by title or barcode.
• Full support for the CLZ Barry, CueCat, Opticon C37 and Opticon OPN-2001 barcode scanners.
• Automatically catalog your movies files by scanning your harddisk.
• Find missing cover images using the handy Find Cover Image tool.
• Browse your movie collection and wish list in images view, cover flow and multiple template styles.
• View collection statistics in bar charts and pie charts.
• Time-saving data entry using Pick Lists, Field Defaults, Automatic Capitalization and Automatic Sort Titles.
• Manage your loans with the integrated Loan Manager.

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    Release Name:
    Size: 31.8 MB


    Release Name:
    Size: 25.3 MB


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