Metallica-Six Feet Down Under Pt. 2-(EP)-2010-CaHeSo

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Six Feet Down Under (Part II) is a limited edition commemorative live EP[1] by the American heavy metal band Metallica. It is the second part of the band’s previous live EP, Six Feet Down Under. The EP will be released in Australia and New Zealand only on November 12, 2010 through Universal Music. It will be sold by Trans-Tasman record stores and Metallica online store only, as the part one, and will contain eight songs from the early part of the tour in Australia and New Zealand in 2010.


Genre: Rock
Artist: Metallica
Title: Six Feet Down Under Pt. 2-(EP)
Quality: 227 kbps VBR
Total Playtime: 55:49

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Dave Matthews Band-Live In New York City-2CD-2010-VAG

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2010 two CD live release recorded at Citi Field in Flushing, NY on July 17th, 2010. This NYC show was a definite crowd-pleaser with a mix of new surprises and older fan favorites. Highlights include ‘The Stone’ and ‘Warehouse’ followed by ‘One Sweet World’ with Rashawn taking the solo over the original intro. An epic ‘Two Step’ with a haunting ‘Time Bomb’ intro and new outro features an unforgettable solo by Carter. ‘Seek Up’ takes the band’s Jazz sensibilities to new heights and showcases their communication on stage on a different level. Stefan’s bass play on ‘You Might Die Trying’ and his Moog-infused bass solo before ‘Watchtower’ really shine. Dave’s vocals are powerful throughout the show and reach a crescendo during the passionate ‘Squirm’.


Genre: Rock
Artist: Dave Matthews Band
Title: Live In New York City
Quality: 186 kbps VBR
Total Playtime: 2:33:02

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On June 13, 2009, SLIPKNOT headlined the annual Download Festival in the UK, performing in front of 80,000 of their rabid fans. The performance was absolutely electric, in typical Slipknot fashion. All Slipknot shows are memorable, but this one is particularly memorable, as the band blasted through hits from all of their Platinum albums. On stage is Slipknot in its most natural state and (sic)nesses will put you in the front row. Perhaps most importantly, (sic)nesses is one of the final major performances for founding member Paul Gray, who tragically passed away in May 2010. While initially unintended, the concert is a testament to the legacy of Gray, where fans can enjoy a lasting glimpse of the bassist doing what he loved most.


Genre: Metal
Artist: Slipknot
Title: (sic)nesses
Quality: 185 kbps / VBR V2
Total Playtime: 2:50:17

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Metallica-Six Feet Down Under-(EP)-2010-CaHeSo

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Metallica are celebrating their upcoming Australian and New Zealand tour with the release of The Six Feet Down Under EP, a limited-edition, eight-song set that includes live tracks recorded from the band’s previous visits to that part of the world. The EP, which contains songs from as far back as 1989.


Genre: Rock
Artist: Metallica
Title: Six Fett Down Under (EP)
Quality: 165 kbps / VBR V2
Total Playtime: 52:52

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Slash featuring Myles Kennedy-Live In Australia August 2010 (Melbourne)-(Limited Edition)-2CD-2010-MTD

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Few artists in rock history can carry off the single moniker, and carry it with gravitas. SLASH is one of that rare breed.

Since emerging with Guns N’ Roses, SLASH has been one of the world’s most sought after guitarists. Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Quentin Tarantino and so many other fellow icons have sought his services in order to make the good sound great. Critics and fans alike still debate the greatest rock riff of all time with “Sweet Child O’ Mine” consistently taking top honours. Time Magazine placed SLASH second only to Jimi Hendrix amongst the greatest guitarists of all time. It therefore came as little surprise that when SLASH put out the word about recording an album, the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl, Lemmy, Ian Astbury, Andrew Stockdale and others smashed down the studio door to be a part of it. His debut self titled album ‘Slash’ was released recently, containing everything that was ever great about rock music. The enigma that is Slash now comes to MAX for an exclusive performance for The MAX Sessions that is set to tear the roof off.


Genre: Rock
Artist: Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy
Title: Live In Australia 2010
Quality: 221 kbps avg / VBR V2
Total Playtime: 1:59:34

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Taking Back Sunday-Live From Orensanz-2010-VAG

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The members of Taking Back Sunday have been discussing doing a live acoustic recording in the vein of some of their favorite episodes of Unplugged for some time. In December of 2009, they came together in NYC to rehearse and rearrange some of their classic songs to fit a ‘theater in the round’ format which worked perfectly in the amazing synagogue – Angel Orensanz – that the producers found for the two shows to take place. Surrounded by some of their longest supporters and hometown fans the band performed 11 favorite songs from their catalog with new instrumentation, multiple drums, stand up bass, piano and the beautiful string section Judgment Day, who also accompanied them on the studio recording of ‘My Blue Heaven’ from the ‘LOUDER NOW recording.’ The performance expertly mixed by David Bendeth and enhanced by this beautiful setting is a one of a kind, and will be a fan favorite for years to come…


Genre: Rock
Artist: Taking Back Sunday
Title: Live From Orensanz
Quality: 210 kbps avg / VBR V2
Total Playtime: 49:36

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Indigo Girls-Staring Down The Brilliant Dream-2CD-2010-MTD

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Indigo Girls Amy Ray and Emily Saliers celebrate their long-standing passion for live performance on their upcoming release, Staring Down the Brilliant Dream. The 2-disc CD features 31 songs, each hand-selected by the GRAMMY®-winning duo to capture the most memorable moments of their 2006-2009 shows. The CD reflects the spontaneity of a typical Indigo’s concert and includes a mix of solo performances and other numbers backed by their full band, plus vocal collaborations with such guests artists as Brandi Carlile and Jill Hennessey. Staring Down the Brilliant Dream encapsulates the wide range of emotions that fill their shows with fire and wonder, from the warm, sing-a-long spirit of Saliers’ “Closer to Fine” to the political combustion of Ray’s “Go.”


Genre: Folk / Rock
Artist: Indigo Girls
Title: Staring Down the Brilliant Dream
Quality: 199 kbps avg / VBR V2
Total Playtime: 2:08:48

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Pearl Jam – Live in Texas-DVD-2010-FKK

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Recorded live at Austin City Limits, Texas, October 3, 2009

Pearl Jam has something anachronistic. How they work left from the golden times of grunge. They swam on the crest of the wave in the early 90’s from Seattle swept with introverted, dirty guitar sounds all over the world. Along with Nirvana and Soundgarden, they dominated the genre and were the initial spark of a set of do-it-yourself group, which is also comparable with the advent of punk a decade before. But the last remaining triumph of grunge superstars also in 2009, seen here at the Austin City Limits Festival.


Genre: Rock
Artist: Pearl Jam
Title: Live In Texas
Quality: 179 kbps avg / VBR V2
Total Playtime: 49:54

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Paul Mccartney-Live In Los Angeles-2010-MTD

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This CD was given away free with the British national newspaper, The Mail On Sunday.

“This has to be the most surreal gig ever. The management has asked me to point out no shoplifting please.” Paul McCartney, June 27, 2007.

It was not your average gig, even by Paul McCartney standards: A free show, inside the mammoth Amoeba Music Hollywood record store, starring the former Beatle himself. A far cry from McCartney’s usual stadium shows, the Amoeba gig was an up close and personal once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In the packed audience, small children and grandparents rubbed elbows with the likes of Ringo Starr and Woody Harrelson, yet the moment McCartney dove into opener ‘Drive My Car’ the young and the old, the famous and the common person stood equally within the bond of song. This is what makes Paul McCartney such a huge presence His music seamlessly crosses over from generation to generation with each making his songs their own.


Genre: Rock
Artist: Paul Mccartney
Title: Live In Los Angeles
Quality: 209 kbps avg / VBR V2
Total Playtime: 42:00

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The White Stripes-Under Nova Scotian Lights-(DVD)-2010-SiRE

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Here’s a pretty nice release by SiRE, the Live DVD of the band’s 10th Anniversary show, The White Stripes Under Nova Scotian Lights, directed by Emmett Malloy. This release has over 2hrs of recordings, which means that The White Stripes have pretty friggin’ long concerts hehe.. Enjoy!


Genre: Rock
Artist: The White Stripes
Title: Under Nova Scotian Lights (DVD)
Quality: VBR V2 197 kbit
Total Playtime: 136:53

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Dropkick Murphys-Live On Lansdowne Boston MA-2010-VAG

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I’m always a little leery of live albums, as many are simply recorded poorly, then packaged for sale. This is not the case here. From the album’s opener, “Famous For Nothing,” the album captures all of the energy of a live Murphys set, and the recording is clean and perfect. In fact, some of the songs benefit from the live treatment even more so than they did on the original recordings. “Sunshine Highway” and “(F)Lannigan’s Ball” are injected with extra sweaty energy, and their Boston sports anthems “Time To Go” and “Tessie” are presented in best possible way, accompanied by the cheers and accompaniment of rabid Boston sports fans. Brought to us by VAG, great as always!


Genre: Punk / Folk / Rock
Artist: Dropkick Murphys
Title: Live On Lansdowne Boston MA
Quality: VBR V2 221 kbps
Total Playtime: 73:30

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Serj Tankian-Elect The Dead Symphony-2010-VAG

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Serj Tankian’s iconic voice has always polarised my feelings about System Of A Down. Wavering between deep-throated Metal gargling and comedic faux-operatic, Tankian’s tones are unmissable, even when layered on top of industrial-grade guitar riffs. This is the Live performance of his album Elect The Dead, with Serj being supported by an orchestra instead of the usual instruments. It’s said to be kind of dissapointing due to bad editing, but the music is just plain awesome 🙂


Genre: Rock / Metal
Artist: Serj Tankian
Title: Elect The Dead Symphony
Quality: VBR 186 kbps
Total Playtime: 54:55

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