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Thanks to MENTiON you can enjoy the DVDScreener of a new blockbuster “Brooklyn’s Finest”. This movie has great cast and pretty high IMDB ratings. If you can’t wait for a better quality then grab this one! It is a 2 CD release, and it has AC3 audio which is really clear. The only downside is the time counter… Check the samples for quality.

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
Release Date: 08/03/2010
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Runtime: 133 min
Ratings: IMDB: 8.1/10 (961 votes ) | RT: 36%

2CD | 1400.35MB | m-brooklyn
Quality: XViD @592×256 kb/s | AC3 2.0 256 kb/s
Subtitles: N/A
Samples: one, two, three, video sample

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Synopsis: The story revolves around three New York police officers over one week. Eddie is a patrolman played by Richard Gere who only has 7 days left before he can pull the pin and retire. Eddie has seen it all, and he has become so disenchanted with life that he must find some reason each day not to blow his own brains out. Undercover cop Tango played by Don Cheadle has been on the streets too long, causing him to protect Caz (Wesley Snipes) the drug kingpin target he is out to catch. Sal (Ethan Hawke) is a narcotics cop who is under tremendous pressure to provide a healthy home for his pregnant wife and two children. This stress from home and the temptation of all that drug money at his job is causing him to jump back and forth from being a good cop to a bad cop. In the end, all three police officers will eventually come together. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy).

Surviving Evil DVDSCR XviD-DELETHiS

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DELETHiS with a new dvdscreener of an odd horror. Cant say much about the plot, but the quality aint to great, looking like a TS release. Property message at the bottom reads

‘Property of Fries Film Group’

and is there continuesly.

Genre: Action
Release Date: 10 July 2009 (South Africa)
Director: Terence Daw
Runtime: 90 min
Ratings: IMDB: 4.0/10 (43 votes ) | RT

1CD | 740.00MB | del-survevil
Quality: XViD 608×336@1276kb/s | MP3 138kb/s VBR
Subtitles: N/A
Samples: one, two, three

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Synopsis: A TV documentary crew arrive on a remote island in the Philippines to film a survival special. Their back-to-the-wild adventure proves to be more terrifying than they ever could have imagined.

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Sisterhood 2008 LiMiTED DVDRip XviD-LPD

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Sisterhood is a British movie about 2 women who discover that are half-sisters when their common father tries to make claims on both of their properties, after deaths of their mothers. If you are really bored, this blak comedy may lighten up your mood, but I wouldn’t really count on it… Quality is DVDRip so not more to say, if you want – check the sample below.

Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 16/02/10
Director: Richard Wellings-Thomas
Runtime: 93 min
Ratings: IMDB: 6.9/10 (37 votes votes )

1CD | 706.20MB |
Quality: XViD 624×352@900 kb/s | MP3 142kb/s
Subtitles: N/A
Samples: one, two, three, video sample

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Synopsis: Catherine St.John-Burke is an independent, uptight, status obsessed, sophisticated, British woman, living alone in London’s Chelsea, and doing herself no favors by having an affair with a married man. Her world is turned upside down when she comes home one day to discover an uneducated, Kiwi woman (with very hairy legs) drinking beer in her living room. Shirley Zachary claims to be Catherine’s long lost half-sister and that their father, who Catherine thought died when she was a child, is still alive and trying to make claims on both of their properties following the death of their mothers! Furious and frustrated with Shirley’s refusal to ‘disappear’, Shirley reluctantly agrees to undertake a DNA test, and to Catherine’s horror, the results concludes that they are indeed related. Both girls agree to work together and track down their ‘con-man trapped in the 70s’ father in order to get the rightful ownership of their inheritance. Of course, hiding from the local Mob, Jack is not an easy man to find but they begin by following a man called ‘Sir Crawford’ with hilarious consequences!


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Another relase by MENTiON, this time the movie is about hard life of a broken-down, alcoholic etc. country musician, who tries to turn his life around after beginning a relationship with a young journalist named Jean(Maggie Gyllenhaal). This movie is also interrensting because it only costed 7 milion USD to produce, but on the other hand, you don’t need too many special effects in movie of this kind 😉 Rather high ratings are pretty good recommendation, if only you can handle country music, I can’t. 🙂 The quality is good, audio is clear.

Genre: Drama | Music | Romance
Release Date: Dec 16, 2009
Director: Scott Cooper
Runtime: 112 minmin
Ratings: IMDB: 7.9/10 ( 1,975 votes votes ) | RT: 93% (140 votes)

2CD | 1.37 GB | m-crheart-a, m-crheart-b
Quality: XViD 640×272@kb/s | AC3 2.0 256kb/s
Samples: one, two, three, thumbs , video sample ,

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Synopsis: Four-time Academy Award nominee JEFF BRIDGES stars as the richly comic, semi-tragic romantic anti-hero Bad Blake in the debut feature film CRAZY HEART from writer-director Scott Cooper. Bad Blake is a broken-down, hard-living country music singer who’s had way too many marriages, far too many years on the road and one too many drinks way too many times. And yet, Bad can’t help but reach for salvation with the help of Jean (Golden Globe nominee MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL), a journalist who discovers the real man behind the musician. As he struggles down the road of redemption, Bad learns the hard way just how tough life can be on one man’s crazy heart..


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Group ZOOM brings us this drama with an already high score of 7.2 on IMDB!

Genre: Drama
Release Date: April 2010
Director: Shana Feste
Runtime: 99 min (Hollywood Film Festival)min
Ratings: IMDB: 7.2/10 (166 votes ) | RT

1CD | 723.8MB | zoom-greatest.avi
Quality: XViD @kb/s | MP3 kb/s
Samples: N/A

Homepage“; | “Wiki“; | Trailer
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A drama that is centered around a troubled teenage girl and a family that is trying to get over the loss of their son. |


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Here we go with another highly anticipated movie – Nine. I am not into musicals, hovewer this one was directed by Rob Marshall, who has previously made a great success with “Chicago”. Cast in this one is really good, just to name few – Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cru, and many more… The quality is good, if you don’t mind “Property of The Weinstein Company” tag for some time during the movie – check first sample.

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 25 February 2010 (Germany)
Director: Rob Marshall
Runtime: 112 min
Ratings: IMDB: 6.6/10 (5,201 votes ) | RT: 37% (171 votes)

2CD | 1394MB | nep-nine-dvdscr-cd1, nep-nine-dvdscr-cd2
Quality: XViD 640×272@1278 kb/s | AC3 5.1 448kb/s
Subtitles: None
Samples: one, two, three

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Synopsis: The Broadway hit NINE moves from the boards to the silver screen with this cinematic adaptation. For this musical take on Federico Fellini’s 8, CHICAGO’s Rob Marshall directs a star-filled cast that includes Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, and Sophia Loren.

The Collector DVDSCR xViD-xSCR

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I can’t really tell if the movie is good or bad, haven’t heard of it, haven’t seen it, with rating just above average on IMDb it will probably be a pleasure to watch only for fans of the genre. The one thing I like for sure is Madeline Zima in the cast ( Mia from Californication). Enjoy 🙂

Genre: Crime
Release Date: 31 July 2009 (USA)
Director: Marcus Dunstan
Runtime: 88 min
Ratings: IMDB: 6.3/10 (1,168 votes ) | RT: 25% (44 votes)

1CD | 734.20MB | scxr-coll
Quality: XViD 608×256@ ??? kb/s | MP3 160 kb/s
Subtitles: None
Samples: one, two, three

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Synopsis: THE COLLECTOR follows the story of handyman and ex-con Arkin, who aims to repay a debt to his ex-wife by robbing his new employer’s country home. Unfortunately for Arkin, a far worse enemy has already laid claim to the property and the family. As the seconds tick down to midnight, Arkin becomes a reluctant hero trapped by a masked Collector in a maze of lethal invention the Spanish Inquisition as imagined by Rube Goldberg while trying to rescue the very family he came to rob.

The project, produced by Fortress Features Brett Forbes and Patrick Rizzotti and Imaginarium Entertainment Groups Julie Richardson, stars Josh Stewart (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Criminal Minds), Daniella Alonso (Friday Night Lights, The Hills Have Eyes 2), Michael Reilly Burke (Lincoln Heights, 24), Andrea Roth (Rescue Me, War), Madeline Zima (Californication, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle), Karley Scott-Collins (Pulse 2, The Class), Robert Wisdom (The Wire, The Forgotten) and Juan Fernandez (The Lost City, A Man Apart).


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And here we are. MENTiON here with a newly released DVDSCR of the ground-breaking (or so they say) film Avatar. Quality is quite nice, both video and audio is clear. I have seen the film myself and quite honestly, if your are planning to watch all 3 hours of this film, I would wait for a BluRay release or at least a DVDRip. Either way, Enjoy!

Avatar.DVDSCREENER.XviD-MENTiON ( – No surprises here…

Genre: Action
Release Date: 17 December 2009
Director: James Cameron
Runtime: 162 min
Ratings: IMDB: 8.6/10 (174,853 votes ) | RT: 82% (250 votes)

2CD | 1468.00MB | m-avatar
Quality: XViD 720×480 | MP3 192kb/s
Subtitles: N/A
Samples: one, two, three, video

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Synopsis: Avatar is the story of an ex-Marine who finds himself thrust into hostilities on an alien planet filled with exotic life forms. As an Avatar, a human mind in an alien body, he finds himself torn between two worlds, in a desperate fight for his own survival and that of the indigenous people. More than ten years in the making, Avatar marks Cameron’s return to feature directing since helming 1997’s Titanic, the highest grossing film of all time and winner of eleven Oscars? including Best Picture. WETA Digital, renowned for its work in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and King Kong, will incorporate new intuitive CGI technologies to transform the environments and characters into photorealistic 3D imagery that will transport the audience into the alien world rich with imaginative vistas, creatures and characters. –© 20th Century Fox

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Beer Wars 2009 DVDRip XviD-SPRiNTER

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I really like beer, and this documentary is all about beer. It has been produced by produced and directed by Anat Baron, former head of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, a beverage popular in the USA. The movie itself shows differences between large and small companies, and how advertising affects the market. This might be worth watching 🙂

Genre: Documentary
Release Date: 16 April 2009 (USA)
Director: Anat Baron
Runtime: USA:89 min
Ratings: IMDB: 7.4/10 (133 votes ) | RT: 67% (6 votes)

1DVD | 765MB | sprinter-beerwars
Quality: XViD 608×336@984kb/s | MP3 96kb/s VBR
Subtitles: None
Samples: one, two, three

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Synopsis: Oenophiles have SIDEWAYS and BOTTLE SHOCK; now their beer-loving counterparts can claim a film as their own. This truly American tale looks at the struggle between big breweries (Coors, Miller, and Budweiser) and their smaller competition (such as Dogfish Head) as the companies fight for shelf space and bar orders. Directed by Anat Baron, this documentary not only looks at the beer industry, but also examines the plight of small businesses in America.

Freeway Killer 2009 DVDSCR XviD-DOMiNO

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All new serial killer DVDscr by DOMINO. Had heard about this serial killer before but didn’t read up on him yet so watching this might be a good chance to learn something about him. Release itself has property messages and black and white screens at random points in it tho, so if you are picky about that i suggest you skip and wait for a DVDrip.

Genre: Crime
Release Date: September 2009 (USA)
Director: John Murlowski
Runtime: 1hour 27min
Ratings: IMDB: 2.3/10 (9 votes ) | RT: N/A

1CD | 705.0MB | domino-freewaykiller
Quality: XViD 640×352@956kb/s | MP3 131kb/s VBR
Subtitles: None
Samples: one, two, three

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Synopsis: For years he terrorized California motorists as he rode the endless highways searching for his next victim. The discarded bodies turned up beaten, sexually assaulted and horribly mutilated. Deceptively charming and intelligent, the scheming murderer easily avoided police at first. But as police closed in and the killer’s pattern grew more erratic, the only question was how many more will die? Find out in this chilling true story of one of our most notorious serial killers, William Bonin aka the Freeway Killer, whose poisoned mind struck terror into an entire nation.

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A DVDScr of Daybreakers finally, unfortunately its with LiNE audio. Although the line is pretty good, there is still a slight hiss and lacks a bit of bass. Video meanwhile is very nice, ready for a decent line or studio audio to be added.
Nuked: out.of.sync.throughout

Genre: Action
Release Date: 8 January 2010 (USA)
Director: Michael Spierig & Peter Spierig
Runtime: 98 min
Ratings: IMDB: 7.0/10 (6,499 votes ) | RT: 66% (111 votes)

1CD | 735.0MB | mention-daybreak
Quality: XViD @kb/s | MP3 kb/s
Subtitles: None
Samples: one, two, three

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Lazypirate

Synopsis: It’s 2017, and the undead far outnumber the living in this horror film starring Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke (TRAINING DAY). A virus has spread across the earth, turning its inhabitants into vampires. With their blood supply dwindling, the vampires must find a way to sustain their source of food.

Motherhood DVDSCR xViD-xSCR

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For some reason Uma Thurman doesn’t look as fine in this movie. Haven’t heard about this movie, but we have a DVDSCR of it. Quality looks excellent no visible watermarks or b/w. Comment if you find any, looks as excellent as a DVD. Take it back Uma definately looks like a MILF in this movie 🙂
Cheers and ENJOY!

Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 28 August 2009 (Spain)
Director: Katherine Dieckmann
Runtime: USA:90 min
Ratings: IMDB: 6.5/10 (183 votes ) | RT: 25% (32 votes)
1CD | 735.0MB | xscr-motherhood
Quality: XViD 640×352 @ 950kb/s | MP3 160kb/s VBR
Subtitles: None
Samples: one, two, three

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Lazypirate

Synopsis: Shot entirely on location in New York’s West Village, MOTHERHOOD is a comedy distilling the dilemmas of the maternal state into the trials and tribulations of one pivotal day. MOTHERHOOD forms a genre of one – no other movie has dedicated itself in quite this way to probing exactly what it takes to be a mother, with both humor and authenticity. MOTHERHOOD, a funny and poignant look at the daily challenges mothers everywhere face, is a hymn to the trials and joys of raising children and the necessity of not losing yourself in the process. –© Freestyle

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