Bound by Flame XBOX360-SPARE

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The group SPARE released Bound by Flame for the Xbox 360 platform.

Poster for Bound by Flame

Genre: Action, RPG
Release Date: May 9, 2014
Platform: PC | PS3 | PS4 | Xbox 360
Gameplay Modes: Single-player
Developer: Spiders
Ratings: MetaCritic: n/a
1 Disc | 6.43 GB | sp-bbf
Region: Free

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Description: Developed by Spiders Studio for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360, the RPG Bound by Flame drags you into a heroic and desperate struggle, in which the Alliance eventually yielded in front of the inexorable advance of Dead army.
Bound by Flame image 1

From their castles of ice, the lord-sorcerers of Shadow cold now reign as masters on the continent and crush mercilessly the remnant resistance, of which you belong. When all hope appears to be lost, a demon of flames chooses you as its host… Create and customize a powerful warrior, develop your skills (combat, assassination and fire magic) and call upon the devastating powers of the demon within. Find, create and improve your weapons and armor, and find help from numerous companions to help you fight Shadow dragons, Leeches and the fearsome warriors of Dead army in perilous and spectacular real-time battles! Develop special binds with your companions such as romance, friendship or rivalry. Your decisions will bear heavy consequences… will you struggle to keep your humanity, or will you be tempted by the demon’s power and let it take over?

Bound by Flame image 2

– You are a mercenary possessed by a flame demon in a desperate world ravaged by seven Ice Lords and their Dead-Army.

– In this RPG where all your choices lead to consequences, you will have to choose between unleashing the powers of the beast within and rejecting the demonic influence that wants to claim your humanity.

Bound by Flame image 3

– Freely develop your abilities and combat style through three skill trees: swing the heavy weapons of the Fighter, wield the sneaky dual daggers of the Ranger, or use the devastating flame spells of the Pyromancer.

– Recruit companions who will live, love, hate and fight alongside you against the dreadful creatures of Vertiel, in real-time epic battles based on tactics and reaction.

– The bigger the danger, the greater the temptation to draw on the demon’s power at the cost of your soul… which way will YOU choose?

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