Becky Internet Mail v2.64.06 Incl Keygen-MESMERiZE

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Becky! Internet Mail is the Internet e-mail client, it’s latest version released by the group MESMERiZE.

OS: Windows
Developer: Rim Arts

2.94 MB | m-rbe201
Protection: Bypassed

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Becky! Internet Mail is the Internet e-mail client.
Since its birth in 1996, we kept improving its functionalities listening to the users’ feedback, and it has become one of the most successful shareware e-mail products.
It runs on most of the Windows platform from Windows95 to the latest Windows8. (except Windows Mobile (CE))
It has almost every feature that are needed for e-mail client and has nothing that are only useful for the marketing hype.
Its no-nonsense usability is widely supported by not only individual users but also large companies and schools, especially in Japan.


• You can create not only multiple mailboxes but also create multiple profiles for each mailbox. That will make very flexible mailbox management for people who has a lot of e-mail accounts.
• It supports POP3, IMAP4, SMTP (with or without SSL).
• For its features, the program size is unbelievably compact. It is developed with good old C++ and optimized for Windows, which promises quick response in every aspect.
• You can view and write HTML mail within Becky! using Microsoft IE’s inline component.
• The useful “Template” feature allows you to create templates for everyday’s fixed work, that will incredibly save your time.
• The friendly “Reminder” feature allows you to deliver messages from you to you on the scheduled date.
• The powerful filtering manager allows you to create very flexible filtering rule that can contain almost infinite And/Or conditions and various filtering actions. You can also quickly make a filtering rule by drag&drop with Alt key.
• The “Mailing lists Manager” can manage many mailing list that you have subscribed in one window.
• Its “Plug-in Interface” allows the third parties to create powerful add-on programs.
• You can bring out your Becky! in your USB memory using “Sync With Portable Media” functionality. You can plug-in your USB memory to any Windows computer and she is there! It leaves virtually no footprint on the target computer, so it is ideal for Internet Cafe.
• Its “Query” feature searches strings in any folders, and this Query result can be saved as a folder.
• Its unique “Agents” feature can manage non-urgent work like “Need Reply in Xdays”, “Wait for Reply”, etc. You can forget about those chores and concentrate on the important work.

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