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To be clear this is still Barn Owl. Like the rest of the band s impressive oeuvre V works to create expansive spaces of meditative delight- drones to get lost in melodies to slide through layers to drift among. They ve simply shifted the order of their compositional tools pushing the guitars into supporting roles while using new devices to build more deliberate and controllable compositions. For instance it s easy to imagine The Opulent Decline the 18-minute electronic rumination that closes the record being played largely on guitar with its gently daubed melodies picked from six strings rather than routed through keys and circuits. V is neither less deep space nor more varied than its predecessors.

Poster for V

Title: V
Genre: Alternative
Artist: Barn Owl

Quality: 248 kbps @ Lame 3.98.4 V0 VBR, Joint Stereo
Total Playtime: 41:37 min
Filesize: 72.81 MB

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Track List:

01. Void Redux 6:22
02. The Long Shadow 5:36
03. Against The Night 4:04
04. Blood Echo 5:23
05. Pacific Isolation 2:40
06. The Opulent Decline 17:32

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