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The group iMARS released Bandfuse: Rock Legends for the Xbox360 platform.

Poster for Bandfuse: Rock Legends

Genre: Rhythm Games
Release Date: Nov 19, 2013
Platform: Xbox360 | PS3
Gameplay Modes: Single-player, Multi-player
Developer: Realta Entertainment Group
Ratings: MetaCritic: n/a

1 Disc | 6.81 GB | imars-bandf-x360
Region: NTSC

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Description: BandFuse: Rock Legends provides an authentic pick up and play experience for musicians of all skill levels. Whether you’ve never held a guitar or bass before or you are already the lead guitarist in your own band, BandFuse: Rock Legends will have you rockin’ out with your favorite songs in minutes.
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Vocalists can enjoy karaoke style or scored vocalist mode with instruction on proper singing technique as well.The set list includes 55 epic tracks and a cast of the world’s most famous rock legends, including Slash, Bootsy Collins, ZakkWylde, George Lynch, Five Finger Death Punch’s ZoltanBathory and Jason Hook and more.

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•    REAL INSTRUMENTS: Learn to play REAL guitar, bass and vocals. Real-world animated guitar tablature provides the first truly authentic music video game experience on consoles.
•    FORM BANDS: Get the band together and play along with your favorite songs, or create original music with up to 4 players on guitar, bass and vocals. Additional hardware is required and included in the Band Pack.
•    REAL ROCK LEGENDS: Receive inspiration and instruction from some of the world’s best musicians including Slash from Guns N’ Roses, ZakkWylde, former lead guitarist for OzzyOsbourne and founder of Black Label Society, bass legend Bootsy Collins, and others. These legends offer instruction and inspiration for the player every step of the way, providing the foundation for a lifetime of music.
•    HUGE MUSIC SELECTION: 55 songs on disc with 5 or more levels of gameplay. Artists include Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Rick Springfield, Jane’s Addiction, Maroon 5, Halestorm, Black Label Society, Judas Priest, Incubus, Heart and many more!
•    TOUR MODE (Career): Progress your way through the phases of a rock career; start from humble beginnings as a novice player or vocalist and work your way up to become a Rock Legend. As you develop as a musician, completing challenges to gain fans and cash, you can unlock additional tours.
•  Multiplayer: Form local bands and play along with your favorite songs, or create original music with up to 4 players on Guitar, Bass or Vocals
•  Authentic Equipment: Amp and pedal effects like distortion, reverb and chorus

Bandfuse: Rock Legends image 3

•  Total Song Control: Slow down songs to hear every nuance or loop favorite song segments and jam along, refining your technique and mastering favorite tracks
•  Deep Career Mode: Progress through the phases of a rock career starting from humble beginnings and work your way up to becoming a Rock Legend
•  Great Feel: Perfect response time, superior polyphonic note detection and a fully unlocked library of hit songs

Two Ways to Play:

•    Artist Pack – Includes the game and one 1/4″ guitar cable (Xbox 360 includes an audio adapter and headphone extension cable).
•    Band Pack – Includes a microphone, 4 port USB hub, two 1/4″ guitar cables and an acoustic adapter.

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