Crysis 2 v1.1-FLTDOX

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Hola! The DOX division of Fairlight is following in the there fellow PC-ISO brethren and releasing some new content for Crysis 2! This patch fixes several bugs and other annoyances found in the game so well worth the download at only 56MB! Enjoy!

Monday Night Combat PosterGenre: Third-Person Shooter
Release Date: March 24, 2011
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Gameplay Modes: Single-Player, Online
Developer: Crytek
Ratings: Metacritic: 88 

DOX | 56 MB | flt-cry2u11g2
Protection: Solidshield

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Torrent | Usenet

Changes coming with this patch:

  • Server Browser shows incorrect pings – Fixed
  • Some matches never initiate – Fixed
  • Faster text chat – As speedy as can be
  • Console re-enabled – Console has been re-activated
  • Cheat detection – Now in place to ensure all users are on a level playing field
  • Fix USB headset issues – Current issues have been addressed and fixed
  • Fix hologram icon staying on screen after being used – Fixed
  • Remove Auto Aim – This has now been completely removed due to overwhelming community feedback

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SceneSource Status

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Hiya, sorry for the amount of non scene related posts recently but the site has been going through some significant changes and i thought we would bring you up to speed!

Well first and foremost i think the most obvious thing is the recent addition of ads. In the two and a half years we have been running scnsrc we have kept the site clean of ads but as we grew in popularity, donations were few and far between and the site costs rose higher and higher the day when we would need to make more money than what we could pay out of our own pocket was seemingly inevitable. So the choice was either shutdown scnsrc or run advertisements. We started scnsrc because we were sick and tired of other rls blogs overkill with ads, that were either malware, pornographic or just plain annoying. Although we have finally had to embrace advertisements we are still committed to our core principles of no annoying ads, no malware, no scams, no pornography, to keep them as minimal as possible and to keep them relevant to our users. We don’t profit from this site in fact quite the opposite it is loss generating and has been for over 2 years. All we hope these ads can do is break us even, no more no less. As can be seen now on the site our first affiliation is with, It’s a really great service that should interest a lot of you, if you like what you see please try them out!

Moving on a bit to more exciting news, that we hit over 60k unique users on Monday. More specifically 63,184 unique hits, making it our highest ever! We now regularly get between 50,000 to 60,000 unique hits a day. Something we could never of dreamed of when we first started out 2 long years ago. Last month we recorded  446,936 unique hits and 4,535,463 total page views! Since we started recoding our hits in Feb ’09 we have had   43,838,065 total page views and 4,394,726 unique hits! I know its clichéd but really none of this would of been possible without you guys, without you we are nothing. Thank you so much we hope we can continue to grow and continue to provide you with the latest and greatest scene news!

Below are some pics of our analytics, thought some of you might be interested in them

In duller news our Twitter feed is down at the moment due to Twitter deciding to change the way it authorizes web applications, buggering our plugin. So until that gets fixed it will remain down. sadface. Still you can follow us using our RSS feed, become BFF’s on our facebook page, chat to us on IRC and drop us an email! Still plenty of ways to stay in the loop and get in touch! If you have an suggestions or anything please dont hesitate to get in touch.

As for the fate of and They are still going to be down a while longer as we figure out how best to bring them back online. Unfortuantly we have no estimated time scale for this. Just sit tight. 🙂

Anyway since im starting to go on a bit i will finish by again saying a massive thanks to everyone out there who has supported us! You should see a few new features in the future! See yah next time.

Robin Hood 2010 UNRATED PROPER R5 XviD-LAP

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Yo yo, a proper R5 of the new Robin Hood film has surfaced from the fellas at LAP. Proper reason is:  “overcrop right (..horrible transcode)”. Qualitys not great on the last release, this should do much better, Although if you have the last and see nothing wrong with it jsut watch that! This release comes with hardcoded subs + Vobsubs. enjoi!

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Release Date: 14 May 2010 (Canada)
Director: Ridley Scott
Runtime: 123 min | 131 min (Cannes Film Festival) | 156 min (director’s cut)
Ratings: IMDB: 7.0/10 (27,374 votes ) | RT: 43% (216 votes)

2CD | 1.37 GB | lap-robh*
Quality: XviD 916kbps 640×272 AR2.35 25.00FPS | AC3 384kbps 48000Hz 6ch
Subtitles: hardcoded + seperate
Samples: one, two, three, sample video

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Torrent | Usenet

Synopsis: The story of an archer in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion who fights against the Norman invaders and becomes the legendary hero known as Robin Hood.

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Hi there ppl, we were down again yesterday due to a lil hacking problem we had. But all is well now and everything should be as it was before. Dup3 and Trac3 will be back at a later date! Thanks!

Operation Endgame 2010 DVDRip XviD-MoH

Posted by on Jul 27th, 2010, at 7:07 am in DVDRip,Movies. 29 Comments

Long time since i’ve done this, so took a bit longer than usual but heres a DVDRip from group MoH. Operation Endgame is its name and its a comedy thriller of sorts. Stars that funny fat bloke from The Hangover so theres one good reason to give it a watch lol. Enjoy!

[NUKE] QPEL.not.allowed

VoMiT proper release

Genre: Action | Drama | Comedy
Release Date: 16 July 2010
Director: Fouad Mikati
Runtime: 87 MIN
Ratings: IMDB: 6.3/10 (88 votes ) | RT: N/A%Operation.Endgame.2010.DVDRip.XviD-MoH
1CD | 708MB | mohn-o.endgame
Quality: XViD 640×272@1100kb/s | MP3 vbr 128 kbit/s
Subtitles: None
Samples: one, two, three

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Torrent | Usenet

Synopsis: Operation: Endgame centers around two rival teams of government assassins, who work out of a top-secret underground facility and use code names from the Tarot deck. When new hire “The Fool” (Anderson) joins the group, he arrives for his first day only to discover that the boss has been murdered and the office has been locked down and turned into a ticking time bomb. He must survive his ambitious co-workers, find the killer, and discover a way out before the whole place explodes.

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Volunteers Wanted For New Project!

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Ello people! We are developing a new idea that requires some volunteers to help us out. We need people who have fair knowledge of how the Wikimedia software works, a good knowledge of ‘The Scene’ as well as enthusiasm about writing about it. If that sort of shizz tickles your fancy than hit me up on IRC ( shiny @ link-net ) or email me ( ). Preferably IRC. Thanks, much love.

P.S. If you’re like a super dooper wizz developer ninja type at Wikimedia we could use your help to!

Universal Safedisc and SafeCast Loader-RELOADED

Posted by on Oct 26th, 2009, at 5:11 pm in Games. 3 Comments

Here is an interesting pre from RELOADED. It’s interesting for two reason, first it contains a tool used by the group to automatically strip executables of Safedisc and SafeCast DRM. They decided to release it now because the authors of said DRM Macrovision (now called Rovi) has discontinued development. It should be pretty interesting to anyone with a bit of programming skill etc.

“This tool bypasses checks like cd/dvd validation, trial, online-activation (for beta games), execution-count and of course silent cd/dvd check (so you should be able to play The Sims 2 as well). Read the included ReadMe.txt for more details and on how to use this.”

The second reason is that RELOADED have included a fairly long argument in the NFO aimed squarely at Razor1991’s recent proper’ing of there releases. Its quite a good read if your into Scene polotics and such. Here’s a little extract from the NFO, click the link below for the good stuff.

“As it looks, the reasons for Razor’s odd behaviour and unneeded propers may be an overinflated sense of entitlement and frustration over the recent inability to win releases in an honorable fashion.”

Them be fighting words! Wouldnt be suprised to see a rebuttal from Razor soon enough. Still i will leave the who’s l33ter stuff to you guys. Enjoy.

Release Name: Universal.Safedisc.and.SafeCast.Loader-RELOADED
Size: 0.3 MB, rld-usdl
Protection: Safedisc and SafeCast
Links: NFO, Torrent, Rapidshare

Hosting issues!

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Hello everyone, we are in a little bit of a pickle it seems. We need to move hosting again. I know we just moved but it seems like one anti-piracy outfit in particular *cough BREIN* is just emailing the new host as soon as we move with a cease and desist letter that just says scnsrc is an illegal site without going to far into actual details or facts. Anyway the ISP’s shit themselves and basically thats it, you cant do anything. Seems like holland is now a no go for a site like this.

Anyway were having a tuff time coming up with a new hosting. So i’m basically asking you guys do you know of a place where scnsrc can call home? Not in Holland, preferably in Europe, that can handle a site like AKA needs to be able to handle DMCA’s etc. It needs to be on a minimum off 100Mbps line, 2GB RAM, quad core processor, 250GB hard drive etc. We only have abut 100 dollars a month to spend on this as we pay for this out of money from our real life jobs and as you all can probably see theirs no advertising and donations are in the little to none range.

Were not a massive site we only have about 15k uniques a day which when compared to others is small but that’s still 15k people coming here regularly and we have established a small but loyal following. We try our best in what we do and now we need a little help in return. So please if you know where we can host send us an email:

Much Love,

Shiny, Lee and the staff

P.S. it needs to be a reputable hosting company, established and trustworthy no “my friend has a friends that has a server in Samoa if you pay me 50 dollars now” offers thanks.

This makes panda sad... :'(

That’s one sad panda…

Some DOX for ya’ll!

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I felt like dong a DOX post and a had a lot of it knocking about on my hard drive so i thought i would upload a few of the more recent ones! Hope you guys enjoy this post as it took a while! 😉


This release from RazorDOX allows you to pocket $100.000 everytime your press F1! Very useful. 🙂

Size: 229KB – Name: rzr-ei6t – NFODDLTorrent

Another cool trainer from RazorDOX, this time with 4 options: F1 = Unlimited Health, F2 = Unlimited Ammo, F3 = Unlimited Black Sun Energy, F4 = Add $10000. Very cool lil download to compliment the full game release by razor iso!

Size: 279KB – Name: rzr-wst4 – NFODDLTorrent

This patch changes the way match difficulty is judged as well as a few online bugs and allows you to deauthorize the game to get one of your installs back. Sucks if you bought the game ;). Standard install, aka copy cracked content to directory.

Size: 11.6MB – Name: rzr-f9u2 – NFODDLTorrent

This is the latest patch for the hugely popular The Sims 3. The fixes are non game related and only apple to those who had trouble uninstalling the game. Still best to be up to date. Read the NFO for the install instructions as there a lil bit more complicated than usual.

Size: 43.2MB – Name: fas-s314 – NFODDLTorrent

This lil tool from FASDOX allows you to configure Droplitz something that was left out of the original game. Seems weird but the scene has come through and provided for us. :). You will need: Droplitz-TiNYiSO to get this to work.

Size: 90KB – Name: fas-drop – NFODDLTorrent

This changes one thing that GTA IV does: ‘Resource management adjustments based on the operating system detected.’ Again being up to date is best and you might get a performance increase with this.

Size: 57.1MB – Name: rzr-gt44 – NFODDLTorrent

A really nice trainer from group BReWErS here, 12 different options, so basically every aspect of your game can now be manipulated. Read the NFO for the detailed info on what does what!

Size: 115KB – Name: bws-0427 – NFODDLTorrent

Same deal as above really, be sure to grab the cracked update above.

Size: 106KB – Name: bws-0426 – NFODDLTorrent

A bit of an old release this one but i had it knocking about, so why not. Anyway Keygens are always useful. I tend to like them better than a serial put into an NFO, so grab and enjoy.

Size: 365KB – Name: rzr-tr2k – NFODDLTorrent

Another quality BReWErS trainer here, with another 10 options of game modifying fun. This time its for F.E.A.R 2 Reborn. Check the NFO before you run it!

Size: 78KB – Name: bws-0380 – NFODDLTorrent

This release contains: Jet Set Pack (12 items), Jet Set Teens Pack (10 items), Full Interior Castle Set Pack (13 items), Full Ultra Lounge Youth Set Pack (40 items), Rock n Roll, Summer Shell Vintage, The Octane Suit Teen, Dimensional Dress Teen, Riot Grrrl Teen and JC Penney (free pack, but seems no longer avaible).

Size: 42.6MB – Name: fas-s3d2 – NFODDLTorrent

Apparently This ‘Fix’ is only needed if you have been having launching problems with the original SKIDROW crack. If you do then try this. Also check the included cracktro. 😀

Size: 127KB – Name: sr-s8fix – NFODDLTorrent

Cheri 2009 REPACK LiMiTED DVDRip XviD-DiXi

Posted by on Sep 5th, 2009, at 11:03 am in DVDRip,Movies. 16 Comments

What crazy day yesterday was eh? All those movie releases i doubt we will see a day like that again soon hehe but we can always hope. Today kicks off with a new DVDRip from group DiXi. The movie is called Cheri and is a joint UK, French and German production. It stars the lovely Michelle Pfeiffer. It fits into the old Romance / Drama film genre and seems to be aimed at a more mature audience. People seem quite split on whether its a “good” film or not judging by the ratings on IMDB and RT etc. Down if you like! Don’t if you don’t! 😛

P.S. REPACK is because of bad aspect ratio on previous. Looks fine now!

Genre: Romance
Release Date: 25 June 2009 (Netherlands)
Director: Stephen Frears
Runtime: USA:86min
Ratings: IMDB: 6.6/10 (948 votes ) | RT: 54% % (112 votes)

1CD | 707 MB | d-cheri
Quality: XViD 640×272 @ 961kb/s | MP3 128kb/s
Samples: one, two, three

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Lazypirate

Synopsis: It is turn of the century in Belle Epoque Paris and a scandalous romp is underfoot. The tale begins as the ravishing Lea contemplates retirement from her renowned stature as Paris’s most envied seductress to the rich and famous. Her plans are cut short when she is approached by a former courtesan and arch rival, the barb-throwing gossip Charlotte Peloux, who encourages Lea to teach her disaffected 19 year-old son a thing or two about women. The resulting escapades involve power struggles over sex, money, age and society — and unexpectedly, love itself — as a boy who refuses to grow up collides with a woman who realizes she cannot stay young forever.

Trillian Astra Pro v4.0.0.117-TE

Posted by on Aug 30th, 2009, at 1:23 pm in Applications. 8 Comments

Everyone knows this app, enjoy! 😉

Description: Since 2001, Trillian has been a powerful part of the effort to bring interoperability to IM. We are proud to bring you our latest and fourth major version, Trillian Astra, our best yet!

Astra comprises a new set of services designed specifically for Trillian users. With a strong focus on privacy and security, it allows Trillian users to locate each other, share their IM accounts and dynamic personal information, and communicate anywhere at any time.

Functional and powerful chat Chat with video and audio Tabbed chats with text, emoticons, and pictures Get in style with themes and skins Use animated widgets to broadcast your status. Information at your fingertips Connect to WLM, Google, Facebook, and more Show contacts and social news feeds See the status of your contacts at a glance Receive real-time notifications of changes. Efficient and sophisticated. Minimize your IM world with Trillian Cobalt Search and archive chats with activity history Extend your Trillian possibilities with plugins.

Release Name: Trillian.Astra.Pro.v4.0.0.117-TE
Size: 15 MB, tta411*

Homepage – NFO – Torrent – Rapidshare

Broken Images! Oh noes!

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The image host we use is having some *technical* difficulties so theres a load of non loading images. Nothing we can really do until they come back online. Sit tight, shouldn’t be too long*.

* Dont quote me on that. 😉