Cops S21E04 HDTV XviD-0TV

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Here it is. Fuck it, let’s give it a try.

Resisting Arrest #4
A pair of Broward County Sheriff’s pat down a couple of guys who are hanging out in front of a store. One man becomes agitated and pulls away as drug paraphernalia is discovered on him and are forced to subdue him with a taser. Then, as a North Las Vegas Police officer arrives for a call concerning a fight between two men, the suspects flee in opposite directions. One officer misses with a taser shot, but the suspect gives up anyways. The other officer has also subdued him man. Lastly, a Rancho Cucamonga Police deputy chases a car which looses control. The passenger explains that the driver is his boyfriend and they were arguing inside the car about infidelities, which was the cause of the erratic driving.


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MadTV S14E02 HDTV XviD-2HD

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Continuing with our AWOL staff member Plonuts’ tradition I will be posting about MADTV.

Enjoy and let us know what you think about this show and the release itself in the comments. Suffices to say this post is about 15 minutes late while usually our TV posts are within the minute range. Sorry about that. Enjoy.

Season 14 Episode 2
Guest Audrina Partridge participates in skits including a roast of newlyweds Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, a spoof of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”; and another episode of “The Johnny Gan Show.”


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Stargate Atlantis S05E09 HDTV XviD-0TV

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New SGA.

Ronon and McKay have to find a kidnapped Keller, who is abducted to help a village threatened by the Wraith. However, they soon discover that the kidnapper is a Runner.


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Sons of Anarchy S01E03 Fun Town HDTV XviD-DOT

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Edit: Finally group DOT released an HDTV rip of Sons of Anarchy.
Edit: Finally the 720p x264 version was released. Enjoy this in all its HD glory now.

Fun Town
The Samcro members vie with local authorities to capture an assailant when a young daughter of a prominent family, the Charmings, is assaulted at a carnival.


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Eureka S03E07 HDTV XviD-NoTV

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Eureka pres in a somewhat timely manner.

Here Come the Suns
The Eureka mayoral race is overshadowed by the sudden arrival of a second sun, forcing Carter, Allison and Zane to investigate it more closely.


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Privileged S01E02 HDTV XviD-2HD

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Sorry about this one being a little late.

All About Honesty
Megan is thrilled when she is invited to Palm Beach by Laurel for an exclusive social event. There, she is introduced to several influential people. However, when Laurel points out a girl that is inappropriately dressed, Megan is horrified to see that it is her sister Lily and immediately lies about knowing her. Meanwhile, when Lily meets Will, she and Megan get into a very public argument.


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Somebodies S01E03 WS DSR XviD-CRiMSON

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Based on the Sundance Film Festival film with the same name, this show follows the lives of young African American adults as they aim to make sense of life in their post college years. Airs on BET.

The Money Touch
Scottie tries to woo the secretary at the local Boy’s Club but he has to avoid the player hating maintenance man first.


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90210 S01E04 HDTV XviD-2HD

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720p comes first.

Edit: XViD follows.

The Bubble
Harry learns that West Beverly Hills High’s theater director will not be able to direct the school musical, leading Tabitha to offer her time, surprising Annie, Harry, and Debbie. When Tabitha does not handle Adrianna well, Kelly talks Brenda into taking over as director, which leads to a heated confrontation between them over Ryan. Meanwhile, Dixon worries about his family’s finances and visits Nat at the Peach Pit in order to get a part-time job; Naomi confronts her father’s mistress; and Annie goes on a date with Ethan.


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Greek S02E04 HDTV XviD-LOKi

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x264 drops first.

Edit: XViD released by group LOKi.

Gays, Ghosts and Gamma Rays
Cappie fears a Kappa Tau mystery will be uncovered by Rusty. Meanwhile, Casey begins having feelings for Max; as Ashleigh helps cheer up Rebecca; and Calvin seeks out more gay friends at a gay bar at his boyfriend’s suggestion, surprised by who they find there.


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Lincoln Heights S03E01 HDTV XviD-NoTV

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Lincoln Heights, an ABC Family show, returns. 720p pres first.

Edit: XViD pred.

Eddie Sutton is a cop in L.A. who takes his family on a bold transition: he moves them to Lincoln Heights. Although he grew up in that inner city neighborhood, he’ll find things are not as fond as he remembers.

Glass House
Thugs break into the Sutton house while Eddie and Jen are away, which causes a police standoff with both Cassie and Charles being held captive. Elsewhere, Taj seeks help from Reuben with his dance moves and music since he is struggling.


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Stargate Atlantis S05E08 The Queen REAL PROPER HDTV XviD-DOT

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I’ve decided to make a new post for this one. Finally we have a flawless copy of last nights Stargate Atlantis episode. If you havn’t yet seen it or you collect the episodes, you should probably grab this one. DOT notes that the original releases were “missing dialogue 34:51-34:54 additional video glitches throughout” and aAF’s proper was “undercropped top and right sides.” Enjoy.

The Queen
Sheppard’s team accompanies Todd the Wraith on a mission to negotiate an alliance with another Hive.


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MadTV S14E01 HDTV XviD-iHT

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Tonight two Saturday night TV shows return, MADtv and SNL. Here’s tonights MADtv episode released by group iHT.

Season 14 Episode 1
Host Jerry O’Connell opens season 14. Sketches include “So You Think You Can Dance”: Presidential Edition.


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