Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz-Heavy Metal Kings-2011-NOiR

Posted by on Apr 4th, 2011, at 2:38 am in Music. 9 Comments

New album of Heavy Metal Kings got leaked! Their lyrics are tight in my opinion so it’s a must to check them out!

Genre: Hip-Hop
Artist: Heavy Metal Kings
Title: Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz 

Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz-Heavy Metal Kings-2011-NOiR
Quality: VBR / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Total Playtime: 50:51 min | NFO

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IL-2 Sturmovic Cliffs of Dover-FLT

Posted by on Apr 1st, 2011, at 7:23 am in Games,ISO. 14 Comments

FLT has released this game yesterday evening, sorry for late post. It’s a World War II flying simulator, with rather low metactitics score. First game from this series that came out back in 2001 was a big success.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover PosterGenre: Combat flight simulator
Release Date: March 31, 2011,
Platforms: PC
Gameplay Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
Developer: 1C: Maddox Games
Ratings: Metacritic: 4.2 (5 critics)

1 DVD5 | 4.37 GB | flt-ilcd
Protection: SolidShield+Steam

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Description: IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover takes place in 1940 during the pivotal aerial battle for the skies over Britain between the British, the German and the Italian air forces lowest settings with just 1 plane in the air (and now imagine that 128 mp battle).

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Image

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Shift 2 Unleashed-RELOADED

Posted by on Mar 29th, 2011, at 10:20 am in Games,ISO. 57 Comments

Finally “Shift 2: Unleashed” has been released by RELOADED. We have informed you guys earlier about XBOX and PS3 versions of this game, but I still think PC was the most awaited. I can’t wait to play it myself. Have fun racing against AI, and buy the game if you want to play multiplayer ;D

Shift 2: Unleashed PosterGenre: Racing
Release Date: 29 March 2011 31 March 2011 31 March 2011 1 April 2011
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows
Gameplay Modes: Single-player, 12-player online-multiplayer
Developer: Slightly Mad Studios
Ratings: Metacritic: N/A

1 DVD9 | 6.67 GB | rld-sh2u
Protection: Solidshield 2

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Description: Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed builds on the true driving experience that the NFS franchise is renown for by introducing the driver’s battle, an even more authentic and primal feeling of power and speed which elevates the fundamental competitive race into a struggle for supremacy against other drivers and even the track itself. In Shift 2 Unleashed, players’ hands sweat and ache as they clutch onto the controller, their pulse races from the break-neck speeds experienced through the first-person cockpit view.

Shift 2: Unleashed Image

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVDRip XviD-DEFACED

Posted by on Mar 28th, 2011, at 8:50 pm in DVDRip,Movies. 123 Comments

All the teenage girls will be happy in the morning when whey will come to ScnSrc and see that their beloved Harry Pooper was released by DEFACE. It’s a 2 CD rip, with AC3 audi, not MP3 like it’s stated in NFO… On a sidenote Emma Watson is so hawt…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 PosterGenre: Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Mystery
Cast: Bill Nighy / Emma Watson / Richard Griffiths…
Runtime: 146 minutes
Ratings: IMDB: 7.8 (60,129 votes) | RT: 79% (39 reviews)

2 CD’s | 1,37 GB | def-harryhallow-a, def-harryhallow-b
Quality: XviD, 640×272 @ 921kb/s | AC3, 384 kb/s
Subtitles: None
Samples: one, two, three

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Torrent | Usenet

Synopsis: Voldemort’s power is growing stronger. He now has control over the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione decide to finish Dumbledore’s work and find the rest of the Horcruxes to defeat the Dark Lord. But little hope remains for the Trio, and the rest of the Wizarding World, so everything they do must go as planned.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Image
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Dynasty Warriors 7 NTSC XBOX360-CCCLX

Posted by on Mar 28th, 2011, at 6:10 pm in Games,XBOX360. 15 Comments

CCCLX – a group well known to all console players has released new hack and slash game “Dynasty Warriors 7”. Sorry for the ignorance, but I havent heard of previous 6 of them so I have no idea if it’s going to be a good one… As the release name points its region restricted to NTSC. PAL version should appear in some time, since it’s premiere is planned for mid April.

Dynasty Warriors 7 PosterGenre: Hack and slash, Action
Release Date: March 29, 2011
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Gameplay Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
Developer: Omega Force
Ratings: Metacritic: N/A (0 critics)

1 DVD9 | 6.62 GB | c-dw7
Region: NTSC

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
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Description: In the new Story Mode, follow the ascent and fall of heroes. In Dynasty Warriors 7, experience a new Story Mode and follow the captivating story of our Kingdoms battling for rule of China. Experience the individual tales of the Shu, Wu, Wei and the new Jin kingdomes as they shape China from the warring chaos at the end of the Later Han period to the division of the Land into Three Kingdoms.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Image

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Tangled 2010 720p BluRay x264-AVS720

Posted by on Mar 6th, 2011, at 9:16 am in BluRay,Movies. 32 Comments

Animated movie with pretty good ratings, released earlier today by AVS720. Not much more to say, your kids will love it, and you might probably have a laugh or too aswell.

Tangled PosterGenre: Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Musical / Romance
Cast: Mandy Moore / Zachary Levi / Donna Murphy…
Runtime: 100 minutes
Ratings: IMDB: 8.0 (21,268 votes) | RT: 90% (28 reviews)

1 DVD5 | 4.36 GB | avs720-tangled
Quality: x264, 1280 x720 @ 4719kb/s | DTS 5.1, 1536 kb/s
Subtitles: English
Samples: one, two

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
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Synopsis: After receiving the healing powers from a magical flower, the baby Princess Rapunzel is kidnapped from the palace in the middle of the night by Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel knows that the flower’s magical powers are now growing within the golden hair of Rapunzel, and to stay young, she must lock Rapunzel in her hidden tower. Rapunzel is now a teenager and her hair has grown to a length of 70-feet. The beautiful Rapunzel has been in the tower her entire life, and she is curious of the outside world. One day, the bandit Flynn Ryder scales the tower and is taken captive by Rapunzel. Rapunzel strikes a deal with the charming thief to act as her guide to travel to the place where the floating lights come from that she has seen every year on her birthday. Rapunzel is about to have the most exciting and magnificent journey of her life.

Tangled Image
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The Fighter 2010 720p BluRay x264-REFiNED

Posted by on Mar 6th, 2011, at 8:42 am in BluRay,Movies. 28 Comments

Two very highly anticipated, good rated movies have been released today in HD quality. First of them is “The Fighter” released by group REFiNED. Movie was nominated to 7 Oscars, and won two of them. It’s definitely worth downloading and watching. Quality is obviously great so don’t hesitate and grab it. Oh and expect a scene release of the “Black Swan” soon 🙂

The Fighter PosterGenre: Biography / Drama / Sport
Cast: Mark Wahlberg / Christian Bale / Amy Adams…
Runtime: 115 minutes
Ratings: IMDB: 8.1 (33,107 votes) | RT: 90% (37 reviews)

1 DVD9 | 6.56 GB | refined-the.fighter-720p
Quality: x264, 1280×536 @ 6610 kb/s | DTS 5.1, 1509 kb/s
Subtitles: English
Samples: one, two, three

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
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Synopsis: The Fighter, is a drama about boxer “Irish” Micky Ward’s unlikely road to the world light welterweight title. His Rocky-like rise was shepherded by half-brother Dicky, a boxer-turned-trainer who rebounded in life after nearly being KO’d by drugs and crime.

The Fighter Image

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Dragon Age 2 XBOX360-DAMNATION

Posted by on Mar 3rd, 2011, at 11:15 pm in Games,XBOX360. 58 Comments

Why hello there ScnSrc – it’s been a while since I posted (over 3 months O_O). Anywho I suppose this is a proper way to get back into the business. DAMNATION has just released Dragon Age 2. It’s a sequel to 2009 hit game which was of course posted over here at ScnSrc. I am sure this one will also be awesome and will bring you many hours of fun ! Oh and it is RegionFree.

TheSurfer: a repack has been release by DAMNATION a few hours after the first pre:

Dragon.Age.2.REPACK.XBOX360-DAMNATION | 6.75 GB | dmn-dra2.repack.nfo

Alright, bad startup. m0 compression on first release. This one is correct. Sry

Dragon Age II PosterGenre: Role-Playing Game
Release Date: March 8, 2011
Platforms: Xbox 360 | PS3 | PC | MAC
Gameplay Modes: Single-Player
Developer: BioWare
Ratings: Metacritic: N/A 

1 DVD9 | 7.37 GB | dmn-dra2
Region: Region Free

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Torrent | Usenet


Description: Dragon Age 2 thrusts players into the role of Hawke, a penniless refugee who rises to power to become the single most important character in the world of Dragon Age. Known to be a survivor of the Blight and the Champion of Kirkwall, the legend around Hawke’s rise to power is shrouded in myth and rumor. Featuring an all-new story spanning 10 years, players will help tell that tale by making tough moral choices, gathering the deadliest of allies, amassing fame and fortune, and sealing their place in history. The way you play will write the story of how the world is changed forever.

Dragon Age II Image

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Happy Birthday NuZZ !!!

Posted by on Jan 30th, 2011, at 10:13 am in Site Stuff. 43 Comments

Hey Guys, I would like to wish all the best for Sir NuZZ aka nuzzling from me and all ScnSrc team.
He constantly works on improving the site, so that it will be even better, faster, more accurate than it is now !

Leave your wishes in comments below and enjoy the CAKE.

Bomber Image

Once Upon A Time In America 1984 720p BluRay x264-SiNNERS

Posted by on Dec 31st, 2010, at 12:19 am in BluRay,Movies. 20 Comments

Great, great movie. I thought it was already released, apparently I was mistaken. Since its 229 minutes long this 720p rip is over 10 GB. Nonetheless everyone should watch it at least once. Enjoy !

Once Upon a Time in America PosterGenre: Crime / Drama
Languages: English / Italian / French
Cast: Robert De Niro / James Woods / Elizabeth McGovern…
Runtime: 229 minutes
Ratings: IMDB: 8.4 (75,643 votes) | RT: 93% (4 reviews)

2 DVD | 10.95 GB |
Quality: x264, res@5263 kb/s | DTS 5.1, 1509 kbps
Subtitles: English
Samples: one, two, three

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Torrent | Usenet

Synopsis: Epic tale of a group of Jewish gangsters in New York, from childhood, through their glory years during prohibition, and their meeting again 35 years later.

Once Upon a Time in America Image
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Stone LIMITED 720p Bluray x264-CBGB

Posted by on Dec 31st, 2010, at 12:02 am in BluRay,Movies. 53 Comments

And here in 720p with 640 AC3 audio.

Stone PosterGenre: Drama / Thriller
Cast: Robert De Niro / Edward Norton / Milla Jovovich…
Runtime: 105 minutes
Ratings: IMDB: 6.1 (3,199 votes) | RT: 46% (25 reviews)

1 DVD5 | 4475MB | cbgb-stone720
Quality: x264, 1280×528 @ 5315kb/s | AC3 5.1, 640 kbps
Subtitles: n/a
Samples: one, two, three

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Torrent | Usenet

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Posted by on Dec 30th, 2010, at 11:56 pm in BDRip,Movies. 63 Comments

Sorry it’s too late for me to read plots/watch trailers. Seems to be OK, nice cast and ratings. Quality is good.

Stone PosterGenre: Drama / Thriller
Cast: Robert De Niro / Edward Norton / Milla Jovovich…
Runtime: 105 minutes
Ratings: IMDB: 6.1 (3,199 votes) | RT: 46% (25 reviews)

1 CD | 700MB | sph-stone-limited
Quality: XviD, 640×272 @ 781kb/s | MP3, 138 kb/s
Subtitles: Eng Spa
Samples: one, two, three

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Torrent | Usenet

Synopsis: Parole officer Jack Mabry (Robert De Niro) has only a few weeks left before retirement and wishes to finish out the cases he’s been assigned. One such case is that of Gerald “Stone” Creeson (Edward Norton), a convicted arsonist who is up for parole. Jack is initially reluctant to indulge Stone in the coarse banter he wishes to pursue and feels little sympathy for the prisoner’s pleads for an early release. Seeing little hope in convincing Jack himself, Stone arranges for his wife Lucetta (Milla Jovovich) to seduce the officer, but motives and intentions steadily blur amidst the passions and buried secrets of the corrupted players in this deadly game of deception.

Stone Image
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