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The group Lz0 released AMI VLAERO PLUS v2.3002, VLAERO+ is a planar vortex lattice method for the aerodynamic analysis of subsonic and supersonic aircraft configurations.

OS: Windows
Developer: Stark Aerospace, Inc

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VLAERO+ is a planar vortex lattice method for the aerodynamic analysis of subsonic and supersonic aircraft configurations. With it’s own GUI, VLAERO+ is ideally suited for the preliminary design environment where it can be used to quickly produce loads, stability and control data. Thousands of calculations have demonstrated that VLAERO+ is not only extremely simple to use but is also highly accurate within the limitations of the governing equations.

Geometry is represented by a series of trapezoidal patches . Camber and twist (including airfoil sections, wing twist, and control surface deflections) are easily specified using common aerodynamic design parameters. Output data are clearly tabulated, including interpolated geometry, surface pressures, force and moment coefficients, and distributed loads.

VLAERO+ includes a graphical user interface for geometry creation, program execution, and solution visualization. Intuitive toolbars provide geometry creation and editing functions. Component ordering and input file creation are performed transparently without the need to edit fixed format text files. Airfoil data management and specification are greatly simplified. Execution of the flow solver is controlled by the interface, and the results are processed for visualization.


• Toolbar for quick intuitive access to file and visualization functions and asymmetric models.
• Display window for quick visualization of geometry, airfoils, and flaps.
• Geometry editor allows addition, deletion, and sorting of model components.
• Component operations for translation, scaling, and stretching of components.
• Control surface editor allows graphical specification of control surfaces.
• Wing editor for quick generation/modification of model geometry using standard wing design data.
• Advanced functions include viscous correction calculator, ground effect model generator, and batch processing.

System Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP

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