Alan Silvestri-The Croods-OST-CD-2013-DLiTE

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DLiTE brings to us the new album CD release for the movie The Croods by the artist Alan Silvestri

Genre: Soundtrack
Artist: Alan Silvestri
Title: The Croods

Quality: 235kbps 4410Hz Joint Stereo
Total Playtime: 70 min

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01 Shine Your Way And Yuna ”shine Your Way”
02 Prologue
03 Smash And Grab (Contains A Sample Of ”tusk”)
04 Bear Owl Escape
05 Eep And The Warthog
06 Teaching Fire To Tiger Girl
07 Exploring New Dangers
08 Piranhakeets
09 Fire And Corn
10 Turkey Fish Follies

11  Going Guy's Way                                    
12  Story Time                                              
13  Family Maze                                              
14  Star Canopy                                              
15  Grug Flips His Lid                                       
16  Planet Collapse                                         
17  We'll Die If We Stay Here                                
18  Cave Painting                                            
19  Big Idea                                                 
20  Epilogue                                                
21  Cave Painting Theme                                      
22  The Croods' Family Theme                                 
23  Cantina Croods 

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